On the SimaPro Marketplace, you will find all additional products, databases, and services that help you make the best use of SimaPro and become an informed changemaker.


Various databases are available for SimaPro users. Some are integrated into the software, others can be downloaded additionally.

ecoinvent database

ecoinvent is the world’s leading LCI database. The latest version 3.10 is integrated in the SimaPro software and access to it is included in all SimaPro plans.

Agri-footprint database

Mérieux NutriSciences | Blonk

Comprehensive LCI database of agricultural products. The latest version 6.3 (economic allocation) is integrated in the SimaPro software and access to it is included in all SimaPro plans.

Industry data 2.0

Industry data 2.0 includes over 300 datasets from the industries of plastics, surfactants, detergents, and steel. The data library is integrated in the SimaPro software and access to it is included in all SimaPro plans.

ecoinvent database (APOS and Consequential)

ecoinvent cut-off system model data library is included in SimaPro by default. We provide the APOS and consequential data libraries as a separate download - free for SimaPro users.

Agri-footprint database (additional downloads)

Mérieux NutriSciences | Blonk

A comprehensive life cycle inventory database for the agriculture and food sector. The mass and energy allocation data libraries are available as an additional download – free for SimaPro users.

AGRIBALYSE agricultural and food database


AGRIBALYSE 3.1 is a French high-quality LCI database for agricultural and food products from France and abroad. Transparent methodology, ideal for food LCAs.

Environmental Footprint database

European Commission

The EF 3.1 database is designed to support the use of product environmental footprint category rules (PEFCR) and organization environmental footprint sector rules (OEFSR).

EXIOBASE database

EXIOBASE consortium

EXIOBASE is a global, detailed Multi-regional Environmentally Extended Supply and Use / Input Output database providing data for 43 countries, 160 industries, and 200 product categories.

WEEE LCI database


WEEE LCI is a French life cycle inventory database for end-of-life modeling of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE).

Carbon Minds database

Carbon Minds

cm.chemicals database by Carbon Minds is a large-scale database for the environmental assessment of chemicals and plastics. Highly specific, up-to-date, and ISO-ready LCA data.


Long Trail Sustainability

Use the DATASMART LCI Package to get a better representation of your U.S. operations. With electricity mixes, 700 new processes in a variety of industries, expanded USLCI data and more.

ESU world food LCA database

ESU-services Ltd.

The ESU world food LCA database covers global data from the food sector. It is comprehensive, transparent and flexible; working smoothly with SimaPro.

IDEA Japanese Inventory database


Hybrid inventory database of nearly all Japanese economic activities. It contains about 3800 processes, comes in SimaPro as fully transparent unit process datasets.

Social hotspots database

NewEarth B

The Social hotspots database provides insights into social hotspots in product supply chains, covering 113 countries and 57 economic sectors.


Develop your SimaPro skills with one of our training courses and additional services.

Training: Effective LCA with SimaPro Desktop

Get a good understanding of LCA and SimaPro and with the skills to put that knowledge into practice.

Training: Product Environmental Footprint

Learn the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology and get the skills to conduct a PEF study in SimaPro independently.

Training: Biodiversity Footprinting with SimaPro

Get an introduction to biodiversity footprinting using a life cycle assessment approach and learn how to do an assessment in SimaPro.

SimaPro service contract

Add a service contract to your perpetual license and benefit from regular software and database updates, and access to the technical helpdesk.

Expert support package

With a support package, an experienced LCA consultant helps you conduct a robust LCA study and make the best use of the SimaPro software.


Get the most out of the SimaPro software with various add-ons.

Report Maker

Save time on creating LCA reports in Excel. With Report Maker, your graphs and tables in Excel are automatically updated to the latest figures in your LCA.

Wastewater LCI tool

2.-0 LCA Consultants

Easily put together wastewater discharge inventories for LCA with the Wastewater LCI tool. Built in Excel by 2.-0 LCA consultants.


2.-0 LCA Consultants

Entering LCA data into SimaPro by hand takes time. With CSVmaker, you can export Excel inventories into SimaPro-ready CSV files in just a few steps.

SimaPro modules

Make LCA results insightful for other departments with the SimaPro online modules.

SimaPro Explore

Easily investigate alternative product configurations and identify the most sustainable design choices with SimaPro Explore. Backed by a solid LCA model.

SimaPro Share

Better communicate your LCA results with other departments with SimaPro Share. Easily view, compare and share LCA scenarios.

SimaPro Collect

Collect sustainability data from suppliers and other stakeholders with SimaPro Collect. Create, view and track surveys with ease.

Powered by SimaPro

These SimaPro-powered tools, co-created with our partners, help you make informed decisions and drive sustainable change.



Gain insight into the environmental impact of textile products with bAwear-score. Driven by the expertise of bAwear. Powered by SimaPro.

Footwear Impact Calculator


Find the environmental hotspots of your footwear product and focus on lowering your footprint with the Footwear Impact Calculator. Powered by SimaPro.

Flori Footprint Tool

Greenhouse Sustainability

Calculate the footprint of flowers and plants and get direct insights into the environmental hotspots in your supply chain with the Flori Footprint Tool.

P-ACT packaging tool

Calculate the environmental impact of product packaging with the Packaging Assessment and Comparison Tool (P-ACT). Powered by SimaPro.


BioScope is a free biodiversity assessment tool that help you identify the most important impacts on biodiversity arising from your supply chain or products. Powered by SimaPro.