P-ACT tool

Every day, billions of products are produced and consumed worldwide. This generates millions of tons of packaging waste. To address the growing concerns about the environmental impact of packaging, we developed the Packaging Assessment and Comparison Tool (P-ACT) that provides the packaging industry with the necessary insights to ACT and drive sustainable change. The tool enables you to easily create packaging scenarios, calculate their impact, compare the alternatives and make the best choice of packaging material and disposal options.

Why choose P-ACT tool?

Robust and reliable

The P-ACT tool is developed in SimaPro and is based on the robust science of life cycle assessment, the leading method to measure sustainability. The underlying LCA model is built by our experts which ensures the quality and accuracy of the results.


The model underlying the tool is created in collaboration of sector and local experts. P-ACT was created by PRé, the developer of SimaPro, in collaboration with P&G. Learn how P&G uses the tool to identify the most sustainable packaging option in the customer case.


P-ACT is flexible and easy adapt to your specific goals and business needs. For instance, we can customize the tool by adding additional materials, processes or impact indicators.

Functionalities to help you excel

With P-ACT you can easily:

  • Design and analyze packaging scenarios
  • Make informed decisions about material selection
  • Strengthen your communications with science-based sustainability metrics
  • Report on the impact of your improved packaging scenarios
  • Improve the eco-efficiency performance of packaging

How it works

P-ACT is a readily available web-based tool. It is based on a transparent life cycle assessment (LCA) model. Because the underlying model is built by our experts, you do not need specialized LCA knowledge or experience to use the tool. The results are provided in an easy-to-understand interactive format via the SimaPro online platform.

The tool generates robust results that take the whole life cycle of the packaging alternatives into account. You can easily define packaging scenarios by selecting the material type and processing for the primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging. P-ACT includes 51 different materials, such as virgin, post-consumer recycled and bio-based plastics. The datasets include high-quality reliable data based on the latest ecoinvent database. Once the results are calculated, you can compare the impact of the different packaging alternatives using different impact indicators such as global warming, land use, and water use.


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The development of the packaging LCA tool was an excellent example of true collaboration (experts working together on both sides) that resulted in a practical screening tool that is guiding P&G packaging designers throughout the world towards making sustainable choices in the design of packaging for fast-moving consumer goods.

Joost Dewaele

Senior Scientist at Procter & Gamble