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SimaPro Collect is an easy-to-use web-based tool for LCA data collection. It makes data collection from suppliers and other stakeholders easier than ever, through a user-friendly dashboard and standard, customizable survey templates. SimaPro Collect optimizes data collection, improves collaboration and increases efficiency.

SimaPro Collect is available via the SimaPro online platform. Sending out surveys is included in the Power user, Expert user and PhD packages for the duration of the service contract. Filling out surveys can be done by people with a business user access to the SimaPro online platform. The Business user package for Collect includes invitations for 30 survey respondents.

Learn more about the Business user license and how the SimaPro web-based tools deliver sustainability insights for better decision-making.

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Why choose SimaPro Collect?

Better, more efficient collaboration

SimaPro Collect saves time and improves your collaboration with suppliers. The tool makes it easy to create, view and track surveys to efficiently gather data from different stakeholders.

Interact effectively with suppliers

With SimaPro Collect, you can send customized emails to invite people to respond to your survey. You can also send reminders, provide guidance to your respondents or interact with them via the comment section.

Monitor progress and export data

SimaPro Collect allows you to easily monitor your data collection progress and export the survey results in .csv format.

Interface of SimaPro Collect

Experience the full potential

With SimaPro Collect you can:

  • Create, view and track surveys*
  • Send customized invites to survey respondents*
  • Respond to surveys
  • Download survey results as .csv*

*Available for Power, Expert and PhD users

"Now, we have one tool which we can use for multiple applications and to show the relevance of our results to different departments."

Researcher Environmental Impact Assessment at Dairy Industry Multinational

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With SimaPro, you get a best in-class software solution that suits your needs, and the certainty that you won’t find any hidden costs. There is a variety of licenses available for business, educational and academic purposes. Find the license that suits your needs best.

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