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How-to: Updating to the latest SimaPro version

With an active SimaPro license, you benefit from regular software updates. To ensure a smooth update, these three videos will guide you through the process.

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Tutorial: Getting started with SimaPro

This tutorial guides you through SimaPro desktop and covers all basic features, building an LCA model, using input-output data, and addressing uncertainties.

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Manual: Methods in SimaPro

The methods manual describes which impact assessment methods are available in SimaPro and how they have been implemented in the software.

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Insights and inspiration

Discover the latest articles on sustainability, life cycle assessment, and product news from PRé Sustainability – the developer of SimaPro.

Life Cycle Assessment explained

Learn what the four steps of life cycle assessment are and why LCA is the tool of choice for informed changemakers.

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Product Carbon Footprint standards: which one to choose?

Explore the most important standards and methodologies for carbon footprint and how to select one that fits your situation.

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Circular economy and LCA make each other stronger

The circular economy is an inspiring idea. With the power of LCA behind it, this inspirational concept can fuel real change.

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LCA standards and guidelines

This overview of life cycle-based sustainability standards and guidelines helps you to keep abreast of developments in global and regional sustainability reporting.

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ReCiPe impact assessment method

ReCiPe is a method for the life cycle impact assessment (LCIA). Its primary objective is to transform the long list of life cycle inventory results into a limited number of indicator scores.

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A guide to Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

Life cycle costing (LCC) is similar to life cycle assessment. In this article, you will learn about the similarities, the different types of LCC and how to create a life cycle costing method in SimaPro.

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