Integrated sustainability metrics

As companies get increasingly motivated to reduce their environmental impact, the demand for sustainability metrics is rising. Traditional life cycle assessment (LCA) is a time- and labor-intensive process, limited by the availability of LCA experts and financial resources. To meet the growing demand for sustainability metrics, we need scalable and transparent solutions. SimaPro now offers a truly scalable and transparent footprinting platform to empower you to integrate sustainability metrics into your or your client’s decision-making process. Our powerful solution helps you seamlessly incorporate automated footprinting calculations into tools that are tailored to the needs of your clients or various internal departments.

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Enterprise integrations

Embed sustainability in all areas of your organization

True value comes when sustainability data becomes part of a company’s workflow. The best way to use this wealth of information is to link sustainability software to the internal systems and applications you already use. From business strategy to day-to-day operations, and from existing software such as design or purchasing tools to custom-made tools tailored to specific business needs, the SimaPro Footprint Platform makes these integrations possible. We will work together with your IT department or with one of our system integrator partners to provide truly integrated sustainability metrics. Let’s unlock the full potential of your data!

Scalable and dynamic approach to product LCA with TCS Product Life Cycle Profiler

TCS Product Life Cycle Profiler, powered by SimaPro, helps manufacturing companies measure the environmental impact of their products and adopt data-driven sustainability strategies.

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Partner with us

Are you a system integrator looking to expand your software integration services? Sustainability metrics based on life cycle assessment can enrich your portfolio of services and help you bring extra value to your clients. Get in touch! We’d love to discuss how we can collaborate to help your clients gain access to environmental metrics at scale.

Software integrations

Enhance your software with environmental data

If you want to expand your software products with sustainability metrics, SimaPro has the solution. Leverage the capabilities of our Footprint Platform to provide more value for your clients by offering real-time sustainability insights and helping them measure, report, and improve their environmental performance. All this while you maintain full control over the data, functionalities and output you provide for your customers.

Putting sustainability front and center in product design

Autodesk, ProtoTech Solutions, and PRé collaborated to create a Fusion 360 web application that brings environmental data to product designers at the early design stages.

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Enriching Tacton’s CPQ software with product footprint data

Tacton’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software just got more powerful: not just configuring products and generating quotes, but also assessing the environmental footprint of product configuations.

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Working with PRé Sustainability and through the SimaPro API capabilities, we were able to connect our Autodesk design tools to SimaPro LCA capabilities easily, and bring sustainability directly in the designers’ environment, scaling expertise and impact.

— Zoé Bezpalko

– Senior Sustainability Strategy Manager, Design & Manufacturing at Autodesk

Custom tools

Drive sustainable change throughout your sector

Help the members of your sector organization on their sustainability journey by equipping them with reliable, affordable and trustworthy LCA data. For instance, by creating a custom sustainability tool powered by SimaPro’s Footprint Platform. With our flexible solution, you can build the functionalities that your members need, and give them a simple, cost-effective way to do standardized LCA analyses.

More transparency in the textile industry with bAwear Score

bAwear and PRé joined forces to create bAwear Score - an online service for environmental impact assessment of textiles and apparel.

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Comprehensive LCAs of floriculture with Flori Footprint Tool

Growers, traders and retailers of floriculture products now have the capability to quickly and easily conduct comprehensive LCAs on their whole product range.

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Taking the next step in sustainable footwear

Eurofins BLC are experts on the supply chains of leather and synthetic footwear materials. Their Footwear Impact Calculator, powered by SimaPro, provides LCA results in minutes.

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The Flori Footprint Tool is our first step in developing online tools, and showing that we are “powered by SimaPro” gives our customers the confidence that they can rely on the results. Combining our specialized sector knowledge with PRé Sustainability’s general knowledge means we can develop our solutions faster and with more confidence.

— Rick van der Linden

– Manager Software Development and Senior LCA Specialist at Greenhouse Sustainability

Integrated sustainability metrics for informed changemakers

Would you like to explore the possibilities to create SimaPro-powered tools, enhance your software products, or integrate sustainability metrics within your organization at any place where key decisions are being taken?