WEEE LCI database

WEEE LCI is a French database dedicated to the end-of-life of electrical and electronic equipment. It includes over 900 system processes, covering all the operations from waste collection to final destinations of the processes fractions (recycling, material and energy recovery, elimination). The datasets have been developed at the scale of a couple material-WEEE category, resulting in inventories of the end-of-life of 1 kg of material in electrical or electronic equipment.

To use the database, users must agree with the terms of use, have an active licence for SimaPro 9 or later, and a valid service contract on or after 30th November, 2018.

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Why choose WEEE LCI database?

High-quality, extensive WEEE data

The database consists of over 900 processes, combining 86 materials and all categories of household appliances as well as certain professional equipment, defined in the WEEE Directive (2012/19/EU). It is peer-reviewed by external, independent experts and compliant with ILCD entry-level and ISO14040-14044 requirements.

Compatible with all LCIA methods

WEEE LCI database was originally developed in SimaPro thus it is fully compatible with the methods provided in SimaPro. Furthermore, thorough documentation was developed to fulfil ILCD entry-level requirements.

Choice of the modelling approach

Each process is available in two variants, representing two modelling approaches in LCA: including the benefits of recycling and energy recovery (system expansion) and not including them (cut-off).


Download WEEE

To download the database, please notice that you need to have an active licence for SimaPro 9.0 or later, as well as a valid service contract. Please fill in your contact details, which will be exclusively known by the developers of SimaPro and ESR, and kept confidential. By downloading the database, you agree with this and acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms of use.

About the developer

ESR (Eco-systèmes / Récylum) is a not-for-profit organisation accredited by the French Authorities. In accordance with French and European regulations, ESR carries out a mission of public interest, i.e. the deployment throughout France of a system for collection, depollution and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

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