Flori Footprint Tool

The Flori Footprint Tool enables growers and traders of flowers and plants to calculate their environmental footprint on company and product level using a mix of their own data and background data. It offers direct insights into the environmental hotspots in all parts of the supply chain. The tool is created by Greenhouse Sustainability and powered by SimaPro.

Why choose the Flori Footprint Tool?

Simple, yet comprehensive

The Flori Footprint Tool is based on life cycle assessment methodology and covers all stages of floriculture. The tool is easy to use and clear, yet comprehensive and reliable. Users do not require LCA expertise to get an immediate understanding of the environmental impact of their products.

Reliable and science-based

The tool follows the PEFCR for floriculture products. FloriPEFCR is a set of calculation rules for the European floriculture sector for performing a life cycle assessment. It incorporates rules for 16 impact categories. With the Flori Footprint Tool, you are assured that the footprint of your product is calculated according to the most recent and most important calculation rules.

For both growers and traders

The tool provides insights into the entire floriculture chain, from grower to end user. Growers can calculate the environmental impact of their products and the entire company, whereas traders can map the environmental impact of their entire supply chain and get insights into multiple impact categories such as the carbon footprint, water use, eutrophication, and more.

Screenshot of the Flori Footprint Tool

How it works

1. After purchasing a license and setting up your account, you can immediately start a calculation.

2. Create a product scenario and enter your (primary) data, such as starting material, substrate, cultivation time and electricity usage.

3. With the push of a button, the Flori Footprint tool will calculate your impact based on this data, supplemented with secondary data such as storage impact, or the impact of tertiary packaging.

4. Analyze your impact data with easy-to-interpret graphs and download your results, or export a product footprint declaration immediately.

The Flori Footprint Tool is our first step in developing online tools, and showing that we are “powered by SimaPro” gives our customers the confidence that they can rely on the results. Combining our specialized sector knowledge with PRé Sustainability’s general knowledge means we can develop our solutions faster and with more confidence.

Rick van der Linden

Manager Software Development and Senior LCA Specialist at Greenhouse Sustainability

About Greenhouse Sustainability

Greenhouse Sustainability is a consultancy firm that focuses on environmental footprint calculation, reduction, offsetting, and storytelling in the sectors of floriculture (the cultivation of ornamental plants and flowers) and horticulture (the cultivation of fruits and vegetables). They calculate footprints through LCA and offer advice for reduction and offsetting. With storytelling, they further contribute to the positive impact on and by companies.