Environmental Footprint database

The Environmental Footprint (EF) database is designed to support the use of product environmental footprint category rules (PEFCR) and organization environmental footprint sector rules (OEFSR). It contains secondary EF-compliant life cycle inventory datasets and a compatible EF impact assessment method. The Environmental Footprint database is part of the European Commission’s Single Market for Green Products Initiative.

EF database 3.1 is now available. More data packages are expected to be released by some of the data providers soon, and their implementation in SimaPro is expected in Q2 of 2023.


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Why choose Environmental Footprint database?

Using EF-compliant data and method

High-quality data – purchased and endorsed by the European Commission for environmental footprinting – for a variety of sectors.

Benchmarking your product

Each PEFCR includes the environmental footprint of average European products. Now, you can benchmark your environmental impact results against this European average and see how well your product performs in comparison.

Identifying improvement opportunities

By calculating your PEF or OEF results with the Environmental Footprint database, you can identify the most important contributors to your product’s environmental performance.

Download EF 3.1

You may use the Environmental Footprint database 3.1 free of charge if you are conducting PEF or OEF studies exclusively under the approved product groups and sectors, which have been approved (developed or updated) during the EF transition phase and as defined in the PEFCRs and OEFSRs, and in accordance with the End User License Agreements of all database providers.


About the developer

The Environmental Footprint database is facilitated by the European Commission and developed by ecoinvent, Sphera, Blonk, CEPE, and PRé Sustainability.

“We have been using SimaPro for many years and for a wide range of products from high voltage switchgears and transformers to wind turbines and power plants. In our multi-user setup we take advantage of the user-friendly interface and the extensive database with most relevant materials and processes”

Falko Parthey – Head of Environmental Protection and Sustainability at Siemens AG Energy Management Division

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