Social hotspots database

The SHDB provides great insight into social hotspots in product supply chains, covering 140 countries and regions and 57 economic sectors. The database includes an extensive list of indicators around labour rights, health and safety, human rights, governance, and community infrastructure.

You can now use the Social Hotspots Database (SHDB) in SimaPro.

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Why choose Social hotspots database?

Model your supply chain

Model the global supply chain for a specific product category, sold in a given country, based on GTAP trade data, in a static global IO model (113 regions, 57 sectors each).

Assess your supply chain

Identify labour-intensive activities in your supply chain by estimating the worker hours associated with each of the country-specific sectors in your supply chain.

Identify risks

Identify processes that are at elevated risk for issues relating to human rights, labour rights, health and safety, community impacts, and governance.

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Meet the developer

The SHDB was developed by NewEarth B aiming to foster greater collaboration in improving social conditions worldwide by providing the data and tools necessary to identify social hotspots in product supply chains. Visit the website for more information:

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