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Sustainability insights from LCA studies are valuable for all teams. The teams closest to the actual design and manufacturing, in particular, can directly benefit from LCA scenario analysis and robust environmental metrics. That’s where SimaPro Explore can help. This web-based SimaPro module facilitates collaboration between LCA experts and business users and encourages brainstorming about improvements to your products’ life cycle. With SimaPro Explore, product designers and production managers have the ability to investigate alternative product configurations and identify the most sustainable design choices, backed by the expertise of an LCA practitioner.

SimaPro Explore is included in the SimaPro Power user, Expert user, and PhD subscription packages. Business user licenses can be purchased separately for € 950 per user, per year.

Why choose SimaPro Explore?

Product design with sustainability in mind

SimaPro Explore is the ideal tool for product designers who collaborate with LCA experts. The LCA practitioner sets up a model and an Explore project. Product designers can then use Explore to compare alternatives, side by side, explore the differences in environmental impact, and design products with sustainability in mind.

Brainstorm, collaborate, innovate

With SimaPro Explore, it is easy to combine the expertise of various co-workers, brainstorm together, share ‘what if’ scenarios and leverage the power of LCA to create better products.

Complexity made easy

With Explore, a complex LCA model is translated to simple input fields in a questionnaire. Business users can create their scenarios by simply answering those questions, without the need to understand the original model. No LCA knowledge or experience required.

For LCA Experts

With SimaPro Explore, Expert users can:

  • Create an Explore project and link it to an LCA model in SimaPro Flow
  • Set up a questionnaire where business users will enter input to create different product configurations
  • Create a baseline scenario and invite Business users to the project


SimaPro Explore chart

For Business users

Business users can use SimaPro Explore to:

  • Create new scenarios, copy and edit existing scenarios and compare them
  • Explore different product configurations and assess their environmental impact
  • Share results with other business users
  • Export calculated results to Excel and data visualizations to PNG


PRé, the developer of SimaPro, used SimaPro Explore to create a bespoke tool for us to quickly and effectively measure the environmental impact of our products and concepts. This gives us the agility to make timely, science-based decisions as we consider the development of current and future products.

Isobel Filipova, Design Engineer – Sustainable Product Development at Owen Mumford

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