DataSmart LCI package

If you are looking for a database that better represents U.S. operations, look no further than the DataSmart Life Cycle Inventory Package, provided by EARTHSHIFT. DataSmart is representative of the North American region. It contains a wide range of materials, expanded USLCI data and modified ecoinvent v.2.2 datasets, electricity mixes for all 50 U.S. states and over 700 new processes covering industries such as textiles, packaging, bio-materials and dairy.

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Why choose DataSmart LCI package?

North American data

Where possible, DataSmart replaces links from European unit processes with U.S.-specific data about topics such as electricity, natural gas, soybeans, etc. The Dummy processes in the USLCI data are replaced with a close proxy. The end result is a database that better represents U.S. operations.

Electricity mixes for U.S.

Electricity mixes have been added for all 50 U.S. states, at the high, medium and low voltage levels. Now you can see the impacts of moving production from state to state.


DataSmart contains over 700 new processes, covering industries such as textiles, packaging, bio-materials, metals and dairy. New waste treatments and scenarios have been added, including new U.S. landfill data, waste treatments with 0% water content, waste scenarios for white goods and electronics and more.

The DataSmart LCI Package is developed and maintained by EARTHSHIFT with one to two updates a year. It is sold as a package and available for SimaPro 8 license holders.

About the developer – EARTHSHIFT

EARTHSHIFT works with organisations to integrate life cycle sustainability practices into their business conduct. EARTHSHIFT works closely with its clients and tailors its sustainability solutions to meet each client’s individualised challenges and ambitions: broad or focused approaches to product design, employee engagement and collaboration, supply chain management, brand enhancement and more.

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