SimaPro for education

SimaPro is an ideal tool for academic purposes. Whether you’re engaged in environmental research, conducting a PhD study with LCA, or teaching an LCA class, SimaPro delivers accurate, science-based and transparent results. With over 30 years of LCA thought leadership, SimaPro has earned the trust of hundreds of universities worldwide.

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Teaching life cycle assessment

Inspire the next generation of sustainability professionals

You need to prepare your students for a world where life cycle assessment is becoming an integral part of sustainability thinking and sustainable product design. And what better tool to learn on than the most widely used LCA software?

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Environmental research and innovation

Robust scientific research for sustainable change

As a researcher, you know that transparency and accuracy are essential when selecting LCA software. With SimaPro, you get access to transparent data structures and advanced features that allow you to achieve reliable and unbiased results.

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PhD research

Reliable software to support your PhD research

With advanced features, comprehensive databases and a dedicated PhD plan, SimaPro has become the tool of choice for PhD students around the world.

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Other ways SimaPro can help you

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In the past, companies have been providers of information to us and users of the results produced by students. SimaPro has been used to create a wide range of life cycle analyzes and assessments. Now we want to go further and develop the operating model so that business partners play a more active role. We want to learn together how to bring sustainable development know-how even more strongly into business development.

Lasse Okkonen

Senior teacher at Karelia University of Applied Sciences