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SimaPro Report Maker is a tool that allows you to create graphs and tables in MS Word and MS Excel and keep them up-to-date as you change your model and data in SimaPro.

Report Maker is included in the business licenses of Power user and Expert user and with the educational PhD license (both temporary and perpetual).

Report Maker is only compatible with MS Office 2010 and later.

Learn what you can do with Report Maker and how to make the best use of the tool in this video.

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Why choose Report Maker?

SimaPro add-on

Report Maker is an add-on for SimaPro that automatically updates tables and graphs in Word and Excel documents. This is achieved by simply copying and pasting an ‘item descriptor’ link from SimaPro into Word or Excel. The ‘item descriptor’ link contains all information needed to redo any calculations with the right amounts, methods and filter options.

A time-saving solution

Report Maker saves LCA practitioners a lot of time when creating reports with graphs and tables. When you make changes to the life cycle model in SimaPro, you can simply update the results in Word or Excel documents by clicking a button in the SimaPro Ribbon bar. You can also edit certain aspects of the layout of the graphs and tables.

Quickly create reports

If you use SimaPro Developer, you can also use Report Maker in combination with the ‘Import Scenarios’ feature to quickly generate Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) or other recurring reports.

See how to use SimaPro Report Maker to extract reports from your SimaPro models.

Meet the developer

Report Maker was developed by PRé Sustainability, the company that developed SimaPro, ECO-it and various other tools. PRé has a worldwide reputation as a thought leader on the topic of environmental impact assessments. With state-of-the-art methodology and tools, PRé puts the metrics into sustainability to create business value.

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"Report Maker has significantly improved the efficiency of our LCA modelling and report writing. It's an essential tool with SimaPro, especially for projects where we regularly update the life cycle model"

Jonas Bengtsson - CEO, Edge Environment

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