Online calculator of GHG emissions enables 16,000 dairy farmers to measure their carbon footprint

For Zuivel NL and FrieslandCampina, PRé and software company VAA created a climate add-on to the mandatory KringloopWijzer indicator, allowing over 16,000 dairy farmers to independently calculate their GHG emissions.

Stimulating sustainable behaviour and GHG emission reduction

The dairy sector in the Netherlands is an important player in the global dairy market, and animal farming is an activity where a significant amount of greenhouse gases are emitted. Increasingly, both the dairy farmers and their customers are interested in knowing just how well their farms perform when it comes to GHG emissions. This would give them the insight they need to make changes and increase sustainable behaviour, useful in a sector that strives for climate-neutral growth. But how? GHG emission calculation takes the kind of expertise dairy farmers do not usually have.

Expanding an existing online tool with an expert GHG model

Dairy farmers in the Netherlands are already obliged to complete the Annual Nutrient Cycle Assessment (Dutch: KringloopWijzer), to report on potential phosphate surplus and other things. Adding a climate module to this existing KringloopWijzer is an excellent way to provide farmers with insight from a robust LCA model without requiring much extra effort from farmers or compromising on ease of use.

Independence and ease of use to stimulate GHG emission reduction

Farmers can now independently conduct their own robust carbon footprint calculations by using the one-portal online tool, which can manage up to 36.000 requests per month. The solution is unique as it combines expert knowledge with easy data input and results visualisation.

This integrated solution makes environmental impact results and benchmarks available at an unprecedented scale and thus stimulates more sustainable practices and GHG emission reduction in the dairy sector. The solution could be an inspiring example for other sectors as well.

For more information, please read the full case study.

"The P&G LCA team has been using SimaPro for many years. It's our trusted LCA software. The intuitive design for analyzing complex models and the regular updates on methodologies is what we like most about it"

Gert van Hoof - Environmental Scientist, Procter & Gamble

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