Making the business case for sustainability

SimaPro was developed to answer one of the biggest challenges for life cycle assessment professionals: making sure other departments understand the value of your insights and why they need to act on them. Sustainability is becoming more valuable every day, but making the business case for it requires solid, substantiated figures. SimaPro’s powerful reporting functionalities and add-ons help create a company-wide support base and simplify strategic-level decisions. Because sustainability programs only result in real business value if they are thoroughly embedded into all layers of your company.

Influencing sustainability on a strategic level

As LCA professional, you are ideally suited to identify and champion the KPIs that are most relevant for your company. Your work helps ensure that your company’s sustainability goals are feasible. SimaPro offers a fact-bases sustainability methodology and a way to translate your insights into information that’s relevant for your colleagues.

SimaPro makes your job easier on many levels. It helps you measure and communicate sustainability efforts, analyze and provide feedback on KPIs, targets and goals, monitor progress, and show each department how and where improvements can be made.

One of the tasks of the sustainability practitioner is to explain to internal and external stakeholders how various scenarios will influence overall impacts. SimaPro provides you with the summaries, visuals and straightforward presentations you need to do so.

Sustainable decision making requires transparency

SimaPro is the most transparent life cycle assessment software available. This helps you explain the assumptions and information underlying your advice. SimaPro Share makes sharing your insights with others even easier. SimaPro Collect simplifies the laborious process of collecting data for LCAs.

With SimaPro Collect and SimaPro Share, product designers can choose the most environmentally friendly design option. Purchasing departments can screen suppliers for environmental impact. Marketing experts can communicate brand value to customers. And the sustainability director can use the high-level results from all these departments to build a strong business case for sustainability.

"Now, we have one tool which we can use for multiple applications and to show the relevance of our results to different departments."

Researcher Environmental Impact Assessment at Dairy Industry Multinational

Developing a product sustainability platform for Argos

For an international cement company, PRé built a SimaPro database as the foundation for a flexible, consistent product sustainability platform. This allows the company to rapidly expand its sustainability efforts around the world.

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Making sustainability data more business-friendly

After inquiries from several large, progressive companies, PRé developed two web-based tools - SimaPro Share and Collect. These web-based extensions make it easier for all departments to use LCA data, while reducing the workload of LCA teams.

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Other benefits for your organisation

Life cycle assessment studies with SimaPro

The main thing you need in LCA software is excellent performance in doing LCAs. SimaPro offers exactly the features you need for efficient and accurate LCA studies and easy and effortless collaboration.

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Improve operational performance

Your suppliers can have a huge effect on your products’ environmental impacts. SimaPro’s transparent analysis helps your operations and purchasing departments make more sustainable sourcing and purchasing decisions.

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Sustainability communication and brand reputation

Sustainability results can help strengthen your brand value, but it’s important that you can trust the results. The robust SimaPro software provides you with reliable results that you can safely use.

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Eco design and product development

The best time to improve a product’s environmental impact is in the design phase. Designers need fact-based insights to make design decisions that improve sustainability. SimaPro can help.

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