SimaPro for business

SimaPro was developed to help you measure your sustainability efforts and make informed decisions that drive positive change. With various applications in business and education, SimaPro is used by companies, consultancies, and universities in more than 80 countries.

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Life cycle assessment

Efficient and accurate life cycle assessment studies

SimaPro was designed to help you perform high-quality LCAs. The software offers exactly the features you need for comprehensive LCA studies and effortless collaboration.

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Ecodesign and product innovation

Product design with sustainability in mind

The best time to improve a product’s environmental impact is in the design phase. Designers need fact-based insights to make design decisions that improve sustainability. SimaPro can help.

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Carbon footprinting

Find practical ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Carbon footprinting is the first step to getting insight into your company’s greenhouse gas emissions. With SimaPro, you can easily identify carbon hotspots and reduction opportunities.

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Other ways SimaPro can help you

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We have been using SimaPro for many years and for a wide range of products from high voltage switchgears and transformers to wind turbines and power plants. In our multi-user setup we take advantage of the user-friendly interface and the extensive database with most relevant materials and processes

Falko Parthey

Head of Environmental Protection and Sustainability at Siemens AG Energy Management Division

In addition to a plurality of user-friendly functions, e.g. units handling, uncertainty analysis, waste scenarios, the unique selling point of SimaPro compared to other LCA software tools is its handling of parameters. Combined with a robust database, parameter modeling enables screening and full LCAs with high credibility.

Dr. Anders S.G. Andrae

Senior Expert of LCA at Huawei Technologies

PRé, the developer of SimaPro, used SimaPro Explore to create a bespoke tool for us to quickly and effectively measure the environmental impact of our products and concepts. This gives us the agility to make timely, science-based decisions as we consider the development of current and future products.

Isobel Filipova

Design Engineer – Sustainable Product Development at Owen Mumford