Tailor-made LCA tools

Do you have requirements that SimaPro and its existing tools cannot meet? We can help you with the development of a tailor-made LCA tool. By combining available functionalities from SimaPro and customized building blocks, we can tailor a tool that produces the results you are looking for.

Why choose Tailor-made LCA tools?

Tailored and reliable

Our custom solutions are built around SimaPro, so you can trust that the results are reliable and accurate. Additional functionalities are built with standard building blocks from available technologies to create tailor made user flows. This “Build Smart” approach ensures a quick development timeline. State-of-the-art interaction design principles help make sure that your custom tool is both innovative and easy to use. And because we work with an Agile development approach, you can rest assured that the results meet your specific needs.

In close collaboration

We believe that open and direct communication is essential to create a successful tool. We will collaborate closely with you and involve you in each step of the development process. A kick-off creates mutual understanding and shared expectations. Working sessions help solidify wireframes and functional requirements. Continuous feedback makes sure that the development process moves in the right direction. And finally, we refine the tool together to ensure that it meets and exceeds your expectations.

User-centric approach

Your tool and its interface will be built around the workflow you have in mind. That is why we always involve end users in the early design phases. This helps make sure that your stakeholders will find the tool easy and efficient to use, and will integrate it in their daily workflow. We consider it especially important to think about and discuss the expectations from all user groups. This early effort always pays off in the building phase and helps us to stay realistic about timelines and deliverables.


LCA tools tailor-made for you

SimaPro is a powerful and robust software tool, made even more powerful because it can be expanded with custom functionalities. To help communicate or share the results in your company’s specific format, for instance, or to save time during the data collection phase. SimaPro Share & Collect was developed to be the go-to add-on for most of these cases. However, a standard solution may not be sufficient for you. In that case, we can build a tailor-made tool for you.

Some examples:

  • Custom reporting tools, dashboards and modules
  • Data integration platforms
  • Interfaces for SimaPro models

We develop these solutions in-house, in collaboration with our partners or with independent software developers. Developing your custom tailor-made tool can be done quickly, through a combination of standardization and customization. This way of working ensures a reliable solution that is fully tailored to your needs and provides an excellent user experience.

Contact us for more information or to discuss the possibilities.

Working with PRé proved to be a very productive partnership. The communication during the project was very open and all of our needs were met. The tool that was created specifically for Steelcase will make the LCA process much more streamlined and consistent for years to come.

Massimo Collotta - Environmental Engineer, Global Sustainability at Steelcase

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