SimaPro Flow

SimaPro Flow (beta) is the core of the SimaPro online platform, as the module where the LCA modeling happens. SimaPro Flow makes it easy to get started with LCA, but it is also suitable for seasoned LCA experts who seek the extra flexibility of a web-based module. You can choose between visual modeling using the Canvas or complex modeling through the process form. Flow integrates seamlessly with the other modules on the SimaPro platform, allowing you to link your model with SimaPro Collect (for primary data collection) and SimaPro Share (for results sharing and scenario analysis). This improves efficiency and collaboration across departments.

SimaPro Flow is currently in beta. The module is not available for purchase as a standalone product but is included for free in the Power user, Expert user and PhD packages.

Why choose SimaPro Flow?

Intuitive modeling experience

The intuitive, user-friendly interface of SimaPro Flow makes getting started with your LCA model quick and easy. SimaPro Flow is web-based, so no installation is required. You can access Flow at any time on different devices.

Seamless integration with other SimaPro modules

Connect your SimaPro Flow LCA model with a Collect survey to streamline your primary data collection. Or link your Flow project to SimaPro Share and effectively communicate your LCA results with clients, colleagues or other stakeholders. Users with access to Share can explore different scenarios and see how the impact changes.

Start from scratch or import existing projects

With SimaPro Flow, you can build your LCA model from scratch – but you don’t have to. Importing a project from SimaPro desktop to SimaPro Flow is simple. That way, you can reuse your existing models in SimaPro and integrate them with the rest of the SimaPro modules.

Join our training course

Would you like to learn to use SimaPro Flow? LCA modeling with Flow is part of our training on Accessible LCA with the SimaPro platform.

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