Quantis World Food LCA Database

World Food LCA Database (WFLDB) is a comprehensive international life cycle inventory database and a global initiative led by Quantis in partnership with leaders in the agri-food sector.

The datasets reflect country average practices and are exclusively available for SimaPro users.

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Why choose Quantis World Food LCA Database?

A wealth of data

WFLDB contains 2300+ datasets for 120 products in 56 countries. From fertilizers to fruits and from coffee to cocoa, data for the whole production chain are available. The WFLDB has been build using ecoinvent 3 as background data.

Continuous development

WFLDB has plans to develop datasets reflecting typologies of farming practices and supply chain interventions, to continue filling existing data gaps and to maintain, update and improve the current datasets.

Exclusive for SimaPro users

The World Food LCA Database is exclusively available for SimaPro users!

Download WFLDB

To download the database, you need to have an active license for SimaPro 9.0 or later (active subscription or a valid service contract on or after August 31, 2022). WFLDB uses copies of ecoinvent 3.5 cut-off system processes in its background model, therefore a valid ecoinvent license is required.


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About the developer

World Food LCA Database (WFLDB) is a global initiative led by Quantis in partnership with leaders in the agri-food sector. WFLDB was launched in 2012 in response to the growing need for reliable, transparent, and coherent environmental data and a consistent methodology for assessing the impacts of agri-food products. The database provides players across the agri-food value chain with high-quality emissions factors and environmental footprint data (including carbon, water, land, etc.) to help them better understand the impacts of their products and bolster decision-making.