openLCA data conversion tool

Converting life cycle inventory models to a different data format is made easier with openLCA Converter. Convert models from EcoSpold to ILCD format and back for use in SimaPro.

The openLCA converter can be used with SimaPro Analyst, Developer and PhD.

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Why choose openLCA data conversion tool?

Convert common formats

openLCA is the tool you need if you want to exchange data between different formats. The tool converts EcoSpold 01/02 to ILCD and ILCD to EcoSpold 01/02 . These formats are supported in most LCA software, including SimaPro. The ILCD format is required for some specific projects, such as the Environmental Footprint Pilot.

Additional mapping files

openLCA format converter version 3.1 includes additional mapping files that properly map the data used in SimaPro to the ILCD format. Download the mapping files (only for SimaPro 8.0.4 or later) and the SimaPro to ILCD manual

Fully Transparent

The openLCA converter is an open source tool and can be used free of charge. You can share and distribute your models and use openLCA on every computer. The open source text is provided, and the tool is fully transparent. Working with the openLCA converter should for this reason not be a problem in high security environments.


About the developer

openLCA converter was developed by GreenDelta, an independent sustainability consulting and software company located in Berlin, Germany, and a long-time member of the SimaPro Partner Network. PRé Sustainability has been a sponsor of the openLCA format converter since the start. GreenDelta is known internationally for its sustainability software and consulting services. Visit the GreenDelta website for more information.

"At Steelcase, we have been using SimaPro since we started to perform LCAs, about ten years ago. We use SimaPro both to support our eco-design strategy and to create our Environmental Products Declarations (EPDs). Especially both its robustness, its flexibility and the support provided by the developer, PRé Sustainability, are the reasons why SimaPro is the best option for us. We have never been disappointed."

Sébastien Zinck - Manager, Eco-design and Life-Cycle Assessment at Steelcase

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