Data conversion service

Life cycle inventory (LCI) data can come in different formats, depending on the database and software you’re working with. To make the exchange of data easier, data interoperability is very important. We are committed to supporting the shift towards better data exchange. In the meantime, our data conversion service is a pragmatic solution that allows you to use any dataset you you need for your LCA.

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Why choose Data conversion service?

Easy data exchange

Use our data conversion service to migrate and convert your data from and into various data formats. This is especially useful when you don’t have the capacity to do the conversion yourself. For DIY data conversion, try the free OpenLCA converter we have sponsored for many years now.

Work with any dataset

Remove the barriers caused by different data formats. With our data conversion service, you can work with any dataset in SimaPro. We can convert data from the ILCD or EcoSpold 1 and 2 formats to the SimaPro csv format.

Custom conversion

We also offer custom conversion for datasets from specific databases or software in other formats, such as GaBi. For this custom conversion, you may need approval from the original data provider. If you have questions about how the custom conversion service works, please contact us so we can help you.

With the data conversion service, you can work with any dataset from and in SimaPro. For more information, contact us or request a quote. Please provide us with the current format your data is in, so we can check the best options for your situation.

“In addition to a plurality of user-friendly functions, e.g. units handling, uncertainty analysis, waste scenarios, the unique selling point of SimaPro compared to other LCA software tools is its handling of parameters. Combined with a robust database, parameter modeling enables screening and full LCAs with high credibility.“

Dr. Anders S.G. Andrae, Senior Expert of LCA, Huawei Technologies.

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