SimaPro API

Imagine how powerful your online sustainability tools could be if they connected directly with the SimaPro calculation engine. With the SimaPro application programming interface (API), you have access to results calculated by a leading life cycle assessment (LCA) platform to create new tools, enhance existing ones or automate processes.

The SimaPro API increases the power of your tools – to better quantify the environmental impact of your products or services, create value and drive sustainable change. Our API is transparent, robust, cost-effective and future-proof.

Why choose SimaPro API?


Expand the functionality of your tools or easily create new integrated software solutions. Our API allows you to connect to a number of tools and can handle large amounts of data.



Using an API is a cost-effective solution since you don’t need to build or maintain a back-end. With minimum efforts, you will get a robust tool with up-to-date methods and libraries.


There is no black box in SimaPro. You will always know where the data comes from. In addition, SimaPro is developed by an ISO 27001 information security certified company.

How the API works

The SimaPro API connects custom tools to the SimaPro calculation engine, for a controlled, standardized and secure way of sending and receiving messages and data between different systems. The benefit? Life cycle information that can be used at much larger scale and reach a much broader audience.

The possibilities are endless

API can be used for:

  • Enriching existing information systems, for example ERP, PLM and farm management systems
  • Automating report generation
  • Developing new custom tools such as carbon footprint or eco-design tools
  • Empowering sustainability performance dashboards

Customer case: Farm-level GHG calculator

Integrated tool, developed for Zuivel NL

A climate add-on allows over 16,000 dairy Dutch farmers to independently calculate their GHG emissions. The calculator smoothly integrates the KringloopWijzer tool with the SimaPro LCA software and a highly complex, sector-specific LCA model. The online tool can manage up to 36,000 requests per month and provides farmers with easy data input and user-friendly insights into their carbon footprint.

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How to get the API?

You need an active Developer license (included in the SimaPro Power user package) and an API subscription which comes with 500 API calls for the period of one year. It is also possible to purchase a bundle with additional calls. Would you like to learn more or test the SimaPro API? Get in touch and we will help you make the most out of your API project.

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At Nutreco, sustainability is at the core of what we do. Integrating SimaPro with our swine model Watson gave us the means to provide an LCA digital service specifically targeted to swine customers across the globe. This integration helps our clients to know how and where to implement changes to minimize their environmental footprint, without reducing performance or profit.

Blanca Villegas, Digital Solutions Manager, Livestock BU North America at Nutreco / Trouw Nutrition

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With SimaPro, you get a best in-class software solution that suits your needs, and the certainty that you won’t find any hidden costs. There is a variety of licenses available for business, educational and academic purposes. Find the license that suits your needs best.

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