Agri-footprint database

Agri-footprint is a consistent and comprehensive life cycle inventory (LCI) database for the agriculture and food sector. After its first release in 2014, the database has been further developed over the past years with continuously improved data quality and increased coverage of products and processes. The database is developed by Mérieux NutriSciences | Blonk and is available for SimaPro users at no extra cost.

wheat field

Download Agri-footprint database

Three allocation options can be applied: mass, energy, and economic allocation. The economic allocation is included by default in SimaPro. We provide the libraries with energy and mass allocation as separate downloads. These are available for free for SimaPro users with an active subscription or service contract, and can be downloaded using the form below.


About the developer

Mérieux NutriSciences | Blonk has over two decades of experience in food system sustainability. The company was established to raise understanding of environmental issues pertaining to agriculture, and to help organizations in the agri-food value chain to put sustainability into practice.