20 hours expert support

Sustainability is becoming increasingly embedded in all business units’ activities. These days, LCA results are not just used by one department anymore, but by a broader audience. To ensure that you, the expert, can collaborate efficiently and seamlessly to achieve your company’s sustainability goals, your department needs to tailor its approach to the needs of business users. We can help you with that.

Why choose 20 hours expert support?

Helpdesk of experts

You will have access to a helpdesk of experts: a team of consultants and experienced support agents ready to help both expert and business users with any issue. Through our global partner network, support can be provided locally.  Your 20 hours of support can cover a wide range of topics, such as assisting you with your parameterized SimaPro model, importing large databases, customizing survey templates, or answering questions from business users.

Tailored to your needs

Every situation is different, but our experienced consultants can see through the specifics and see the generalities. This means we can use our experience and expertise to provide the support that you need most. You will benefit from what we have learned in other situations, while we keep a close eye on the specific details of your company. This will help you to create more value for your business.

Capacity building

We take pride in empowering our clients to learn how to do things themselves. Developing your LCA skills and expertise is key to making the most out of your LCA results and creating sustainable value. In our vision, expert support needs only be temporary – after a while, you will know how to do it yourself. Our support is designed to help LCA experts and business users get the most out of SimaPro.

starting at

€ 2,500

We can help you by setting up a parameterized model, for instance, that allows for quick adaptations. Or by supporting you in the interpretation of results. A helpdesk of experts is ready to support you and your department and your internal stakeholders who are new to LCA. That leaves you free to focus on your most important work.

You decide how to use the 20 hours of support to get you started with your first LCA study most effectively. Support will be given via email, telephone, or online sessions. On-site support is available at an additional fee. This support package is only available in combination with the purchase of a SimaPro license.

"We have been using SimaPro for over a decade now. Currently as a server application, which is much more convenient when you have several users. We often need to go deep into the inventory to see where specific impacts come from, with SimaPro this is possible. Also working with parameters makes SimaPro extra valuable."

Tom Ligthart - LCA and sustainability expert at a scientific research institute

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