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Simapro Share & Collect makes it easy to share LCA-based scenarios with business stakeholders who need them, and to collect data from suppliers and other stakeholders. Share & Collect is an interactive, web-based platform. It improves collaboration by making life cycle assessment results accessible, tangible and understandable. At last, you can efficiently share your LCA results for sustainable product development and fact-based decision-making in sustainability.

This package consist of a SimaPro Developer licence and the Share & Collect web-based add-on.


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Why choose SimaPro Share&Collect?

Take control

Once you provide an LCA model, your business stakeholders can take it from there. In a user-friendly web interface, they can access and adapt custom scenarios to see how their changes influence the results. This lets them interactively experience the environmental impacts of their decisions. With SimaPro Share, LCA results are no longer a source of confusion, but of fact-based insights and change.

Increase efficiency

SimaPro Share & Collect reduces your workload and saves time, improving collaboration among departments and with suppliers in your supply chain. SimaPro Share provides real-time information and removes the need for back-and-forth reports and custom Excel tools. SimaPro Collect makes it easy to do surveys and monitor progress. Everything is accessible in one web-based platform. Now you can step away from Excel at last.

Rely on SimaPro

SimaPro Share & Collect taps into SimaPro for a robust life cycle assessment model and databases. The scenarios you share are based on your expert methodological choices, so they remain reliable even if people tweak them. With this solid basis in fact-based LCA, Share & Collect can really help your company make more sustainable decisions. PRé has been certified for ISO 27001 (information security) for Share& Collect.

Experience the full potential!

Share – Create product scenarios and share them with anyone you want, even if they don’t have access to SimaPro. SimaPro Share allows non-experts to evaluate ‘what if’ scenarios and experience the impact of their decisions first-hand. You’ll no longer have to recalculate results for each question, and you help ensure that your sustainability insights will be used to drive change.

Collect – Optimise data collection from stakeholders and suppliers in your supply chain and monitor your data collection progress. SimaPro Collect has a user-friendly dashboard that contains easy-to-use, standard survey templates. Expert users can also customise the templates to create new surveys.


  • Multi user
  • Compatible with Report Maker add-on
  • Parameters (scenario analysis)
  • Monte Carlo analysis
  • Analysis of Groups
  • Import data (.csv and SimaPro format)
  • Export data (.csv and SimaPro format)
  • Export data (.xls and .txt format)
  • Import and export of EcoSpold data
  • Edit system descriptions
  • Hide confidential data
  • Wizard development
  • 2 way COM interface
  • Direct link to Excel and SQL database
  • Excel scenario calculator
  • Library switch
  • Tree view
  • Save inventory data as system processes
  • Export to matrix
  • Share results with non-SimaPro users
  • Build and share scenarios
  • Create, view and track surveys
  • Access to content library

"Now, we have one tool which we can use for multiple applications and to show the relevance of our results to different departments."

Researcher Environmental Impact Assessment at Dairy Industry Multinational

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