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SimaPro Power user package, comprising the most comprehensive SimaPro Developer version, was designed for expert LCA practitioners and researchers. It has advanced features, such as direct Excel/ASP linking, and its COM interfacing allows you to create dedicated LCA tools.

This package is available as a one-year subscription and includes access to the interactive web-based tools – SimaPro Collect (up to 30 respondents), SimaPro Share (plus 1 Business user), SimaPro Explore (plus 1 Business user) and Report Maker – to support your data collection, scenario analysis, and visualization.


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Why choose Power user?

Advanced modeling

The Power User package enables you to build complex, transparent models. You can model from a life cycle perspective with uncertainty calculation, process and project parameters, insight in unit processes, allocation of multiple output processes, weak-point analysis and complex waste treatment. The parse feature allows you to import parameter sets from Excel, saving you a lot of work.

Multi-user option

SimaPro’s multi-user feature is unique among LCA software solutions. It allows several people to work on the same project simultaneously, in one shared central database. Collaborate with your colleagues in real-time, even when they are working in different offices or even different countries.

Connect with other tools

Power User gives you access to external tools or data and allows you to create intuitive interfaces. You can also link to other software, Excel and SQL databases. The Collect extension enables efficient data collection, while Share allows you to compare scenarios and directly shows the impact of certain decisions.


  • Advanced product life cycle modelling with product stages
  • Wide range of impact assessment methods included
  • Inventory and Input/output databases included
  • Analysis of groups
  • Save inventory data as system processes
  • Library switch
  • Interactive network view
  • Import data (.csv and SimaPro format)
  • Export data (.xlsx and .txt format)
  • Export data (.csv and SimaPro format)
  • Import and export of EcoSpold 1 data
  • Export of ILCD data
  • Edit system descriptions
  • Interactive tree view
  • Parameters (scenario analysis)
  • Monte Carlo analysis
  • Export to matrix
  • Copy chart to Excel
  • Multi-user version with shared database
  • Hide confidential data
  • Wizard development
  • Two way COM interface
  • Direct link from inventory to Excel and SQL database
  • Excel scenario calculator
  • Create, view and track surveys
  • Send customized invites to survey respondents
  • Respond to surveys
  • Download survey results as .csv
  • Build scenarios
  • Calculate impact assessment and analyze results
  • View, vary and compare ready-made scenarios
  • Carry out contribution analysis
  • Import models from SimaPro
  • Create hotspots
  • Share results with Business users
  • Automatic update of graphs and tables in Word and Excel
  • Set up an Explore project
  • Create a baseline scenario
  • Build a larger number and variety of scenarios
  • Copy, edit and compare scenarios
  • Calculate and analyze impact assessment
  • Share results with (other) Business users

"We have been using SimaPro for over a decade now. Currently as a server application, which is much more convenient when you have several users. We often need to go deep into the inventory to see where specific impacts come from, with SimaPro this is possible. Also working with parameters makes SimaPro extra valuable."

Tom Ligthart - LCA and sustainability expert at a scientific research institute

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