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SimaPro Classroom is a basic version of SimaPro for teachers and students. Up to 40 students can work on the same project and database simultaneously, and you can follow the progress of your students by logging in as a manager. This license is available as a perpetual license and includes a free one-year service contract and various databases.

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Why choose SimaPro Classroom?


SimaPro Classroom is a multi-user, client server network version for up to 40 users. All students can work in the same database simultaneously and cooperate within the same project or in their own projects. Passwords and user rights are easily allocated with the user creation wizard.

Quick results

If getting quick results is your main selection criterion, choose SimaPro Classroom. It was built to produce reliable results with limited effort. Powerful software wizards assist you and your students in managing complex tasks, while all results remain completely transparent.

Includes data and methods

SimaPro Classroom has all you need to get started right away. It includes a variety of methods and databases such as the renowned ecoinvent database. With SimaPro Classroom, you can define how your life cycle assessment results are presented: per process, per product stage or per function.


  • Advanced product life cycle modelling with product stages
  • Wide range of impact assessment methods included
  • Inventory and Input/output databases included
  • Analysis of groups
  • Save inventory data as system processes
  • Library switch
  • Interactive network view
  • Import data (.csv and SimaPro format)
  • Export data (.xls and .txt format)
  • Multi-user version with shared database

Working with PRé proved to be a very productive partnership. The communication during the project was very open and all of our needs were met. The tool that was created specifically for Steelcase will make the LCA process much more streamlined and consistent for years to come.

Massimo Collotta - Environmental Engineer, Global Sustainability at Steelcase

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With SimaPro, you get a best in-class software solution that suits your needs, and the certainty that you won’t find any hidden costs. There is a variety of licenses available for business, educational and academic purposes. Find the license that suits your needs best.

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