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SimaPro Business user package enables you to easily view the environmental impact of your products, services, or organization, and to build and compare scenarios. Skip a big part of the learning curve and start exploring LCA scenarios and results right away.

The Business user license is ideal for product designers, procurement specialists, management, and other business stakeholders. Business users collaborate with an LCA expert who sets up the project for them. We offer Business user licenses for SimaPro Share and SimaPro Explore. A Business user license for SimaPro Collect includes invitations for 30 survey respondents.

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Why choose Business user?

Quick and easy

You can immediately start using an LCA tool created by an LCA Expert and directly access scenarios and zoom in on hotspots. SimaPro Share and SimaPro Explore have a user-friendly interface that makes results accessible and actionable. With this tool, business stakeholders can make changes to a product life cycle and get insights into the impact of their choices.

Increased efficiency

SimaPro Share and SimaPro Explore provide real-time information and remove the need for back-and-forth reports and custom Excel tools. Everything is accessible on the SimaPro online platform. Now you can step away from Excel at last.

Reliable insights

The basis of every SimaPro Share or SimaPro Explore project is a robust LCA model built-in SimaPro by an LCA Expert. The scenarios created by Business users are based on the methodological choices of the expert, so they remain a reliable source of information even when the Business user edits them or creates new scenarios.

Experience the full potential of LCA

SimaPro Share and SimaPro Explore make LCA results accessible and insightful across departments. Using the interactive modules on the SimaPro online platform, product designers can choose the most environmentally friendly design option. Purchasing departments can screen suppliers for environmental impact. Marketing experts can communicate brand value to customers. And sustainability directors can use the high-level results from all these departments to build a strong business case for sustainability.

SimaPro Share

SimaPro Share offers value to non-LCA experts, who can use it to interactively evaluate ‘what if’ scenarios and experience the impact of their decisions first-hand. This streamlines business applications such as material or supplier selection and reporting. SimaPro Share also makes the life of LCA experts easier as you can create product scenarios and share them with anyone you want. You’ll no longer have to recalculate results for each question, which makes your work much more efficient. The accessible results help ensure that your sustainability insights will be used by a much broader audience to drive change.

SimaPro Explore

SimaPro Explore allows for a more detailed analysis of a large number of alternative scenarios. An LCA Expert creates an Explore project linked to an LCA model and a questionnaire. Using the questionnaire, Business users can effortlessly create scenarios, compare them to the baseline, and explore the environmental impact of alternative product configurations. This helps product designers and production experts to find the most sustainable design choices.

Ready-to-use tools

You also have the option to purchase one of our ready-to-use tools, which comes with a pre-built LCA model. For example, the P-ACT tool – a combination of SimaPro Share and a pre-built model creates the perfect tool for quick and efficient analysis of sustainability data for packaging materials.


  • Build scenarios
  • Calculate impact assessment and analyze results
  • View, vary and compare ready-made scenarios
  • Carry out contribution analysis
  • Respond to surveys
  • Build a larger number and variety of scenarios
  • Copy, edit and compare scenarios
  • Calculate and analyze impact assessment
  • Share results with (other) Business users

"Now, we have one tool which we can use for multiple applications and to show the relevance of our results to different departments."

Researcher Environmental Impact Assessment at Dairy Industry Multinational

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