LCI databases in SimaPro

SimaPro includes many LCI databases, including the renowned ecoinvent v3 database, the industry-specific Agri-footprint database, the EU and Danish Input Output database, and Industry data 2.0. SimaPro’s methodology is consistent and transparent, allowing you to easily zoom in on your results, throughout the different stages of your LCA.

Advanced modeling

Build complex, transparent, systematic models with SimaPro. You can model from a life cycle perspective with uncertainty calculation, process, and project parameters. Furthermore, you can gain insight into unit processes and the allocation of multiple output processes, conduct a weak-point analysis and model complex waste treatment systems.

Visualize results

SimaPro has a powerful network view that will let you dig deep into your model and visualize your results. This way of presenting your results helps you easily find hotspots and investigate them further.

Collaboration features

Collaborate with your colleagues in real-time. SimaPro’s multi-user feature allows several people to work on the same project simultaneously, in one shared central database. Moreover, with the SimaPro online modules, you can easily collaborate with colleagues and clients to gather data or share LCA scenarios.

Meet the developer: PRé Sustainability

SimaPro was developed by PRé Sustainability, with the goal of making sustainability a fact-based endeavor. All of our efforts are focused on helping you create value from sustainability. That is how we help LCA and sustainability practitioners drive sustainable change.

We’re determined to empower LCA practitioners, sustainability experts, and business managers to get the facts right. We believe that transparency is crucial for creating sustainable value. In our ecosystem of partners, we connect the dots and collaborate with others to keep developing and improving our products every day, step by step.

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