LCA of the “Bloomberg Terminal”

For financial news and media giant Bloomberg, PRé modelled the latest “Bloomberg Terminal” in SimaPro. The goal was to give the company the tools they need to continually generate insights and improvement opportunities.

Modelling the impacts of the “Bloomberg Terminal” from cradle to grave

Providing an excellent customer experience can sometimes require companies to go beyond their main area of expertise, even if that means new sustainability data to keep track of. News and media company Bloomberg does exactly this – it goes beyond its main service, providing information, and also provides its Bloomberg Professional customers with specific hardware to better keep track of this information. Historically, the “Bloomberg Terminal” was an actual terminal. Modern Bloomberg customer hardware consists of a specialised keyboard, a large flat-panel monitor and a biometric unit for easy sign-in. To better understand the impacts of this hardware and better monitor the development of future versions, Bloomberg asked PRé to do build a cradle-to-grave LCA model in SimaPro.

Getting the complete image with SimaPro

Earlier versions of the Bloomberg customer hardware had had LCAs done in 2010 and 2011. This new cradle-to-grave study was done in SimaPro, to model the impacts of all life cycle stages and provide access to data about six major impact categories. The result was that Bloomberg could compare the impacts of the previous and current hardware editions, showing that the current edition offers a solid CO2e reduction across life cycle stages.

Because the model uses highly transparent databases, it can be modified to represent any changes in Bloomberg’s supply chain. And because the model is parameterised, it is possible to quickly look at different scenarios.

For more information on the results of the SimaPro LCA for Bloomberg, please read the full case study.

“At Bloomberg, we conduct LCA studies on our customer hardware equipment every few years, most recently in 2014. It helps us to gain more insight into the hotspots and the environmental performance of our hardware equipment. That way, we can improve existing products and design better next-generation hardware equipment right from the start.“

Lee Ballin Head of Sustainable Business Programs at Bloomberg

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