LCA for ECO-SANDWICH® wall panel

To compare the environmental performance of new building material ECO-SANDWICH® to other materials, PRé used SimaPro to do a PCR-compliant LCA. The results: full product transparency that can be used in B2B communication.

 Towards more sustainable construction

The construction industry uses many different types of materials, each with its own characteristics and environmental performance. For a new building material entering the market, it is very valuable to know exactly what these characteristics are, and how its environmental performance compares to that of similar materials. Life cycle assessments are the best way to analyse the environmental performance of a product, from cradle to grave, and using standardised product category rules makes it possible to use the LCA results for comparison.

Complete product transparency

The ECO-SANDWICH® wall panel is an energy-efficient sandwich facade panel made of recycled and innovative materials. The LCA results, obtained in SimaPro and following the specific product category rules (PCR) described by the EN 158041 standard for building materials, were used to make an environmental product information sheet which was later verified by a third-party reviewer. Results show that the product itself contributed most to the environmental impacts: from 48% for the impact category abiotic depletion (elements) to 84% for global warming. The developers of the ECO-SANDWICH® wall panel gained valuable insight into its environmental performance, hotspots and improvement opportunities.

For more information, please read the full case study.

“Thanks to the compatibility of SimaPro to the EN15804 standard for building materials, it was easy to get insights in the environmental impact of the ECO-SANDWICH® wall panels and to identify possibilities for improvement. The results are reliable and standard-conform, therefore of great use for our business to business communication.”

dr. sc. Bojan Milovanovic, Engineer, University of Zagreb

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