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SimaPro is the beating heart behind a range of sustainability tools. With SimaPro on the backend of your solution, you can scale up the use of reliable sustainability metrics, enhance your software products, and embed sustainability throughout your entire organization. Rather than developing an LCA solution from scratch, you can rely on SimaPro’s robust and transparent calculation engine, which is built on over 30 years of LCA expertise. Explore the various possibilities to create – independently or in collaboration with us – sustainability solutions, powered by SimaPro.

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Tailored configurations

Quick sustainability insights to guide your daily work

Configure one or more SimaPro online modules to create a tool that is tailored to the needs of your project or organization. The configuration can be done by an LCA consultant from PRé or by your in-house LCA practitioners. The benefits? Low set-up costs, sustainability insights tailored to your needs, and a user-friendly experience.

PRé, the developer of SimaPro, used SimaPro Explore to create a bespoke tool for us to quickly and effectively measure the environmental impact of our products and concepts. This gives us the agility to make timely, science-based decisions as we consider the development of current and future products.

— Isobel Filipova

– Design Engineer – Sustainable Product Development at Owen Mumford

Custom tools

Drive sustainable change throughout your entire industry

With SimaPro-powered custom tools, you can make sustainability metrics accessible to your clients or even your entire industry. Our partners (sector organizations, LCA practitioners, and consultants) create sector-specific sustainability tools independently or in collaboration with us. We ensure that these web tools are user-friendly and easy to use even without specialized knowledge of life cycle assessment.

More transparency in the textile industry with bAwear Score

bAwear and PRé joined forces to create bAwear Score - an online service for environmental impact assessment of textiles and apparel.

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Comprehensive LCAs of floriculture with Flori Footprint Tool

Growers, traders and retailers of floriculture products now have the capability to quickly and easily conduct comprehensive LCAs on their whole product range.

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Taking the next step in sustainable footwear

Eurofins BLC are experts on the supply chains of leather and synthetic footwear materials. Their Footwear Impact Calculator, powered by SimaPro, provides LCA results in minutes.

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The Flori Footprint Tool is our first step in developing online tools, and showing that we are “powered by SimaPro” gives our customers the confidence that they can rely on the results. Combining our specialized sector knowledge with PRé Sustainability’s general knowledge means we can develop our solutions faster and with more confidence.

— Rick van der Linden

– Manager Software Development and Senior LCA Specialist at Greenhouse Sustainability

Enhanced software

Enrich your software solutions with environmental data

You can connect SimaPro to your existing software products to enhance them with environmental impact calculations. By providing real-time sustainability insights, you empower your clients to make timely, informed decisions – for example during the product design stage or the sales process. Read more about our partnerships with Autodesk and Tacton to learn how we made environmental footprint data, calculated by SimaPro, available in their software solutions.

Putting sustainability front and center in product design

Autodesk, ProtoTech Solutions, and PRé collaborated to create a Fusion 360 web application that brings environmental data to product designers at the early design stages.

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Enriching Tacton’s CPQ software with product footprint data

Tacton’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software just got more powerful: not just configuring products and generating quotes, but also assessing the environmental footprint of product configuations.

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Working with PRé Sustainability and through the SimaPro API capabilities, we were able to connect our Autodesk design tools to SimaPro LCA capabilities easily, and bring sustainability directly in the designers’ environment, scaling expertise and impact.

— Zoé Bezpalko

– Senior Sustainability Strategy Manager, Design & Manufacturing at Autodesk

Software integrations

Embed sustainability metrics throughout your organization

To truly embed sustainability throughout your business strategy and daily operations, you can use the data from internal systems like ERP, PLM, and data warehouses as input for a universal LCA model. SimaPro will calculate the environmental impacts and return the results into user-friendly dashboards that guide the decision-making in manufacturing, sales, marketing and more. Together with system integrators, we make it possible to unlock the full potential of your data.

Scalable and dynamic approach to product LCA with TCS Product Life Cycle Profiler

TCS Product Life Cycle Profiler, powered by SimaPro, helps manufacturing companies measure the environmental impact of their products and adopt data-driven sustainability strategies.

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