An introduction to water footprinting – part 1

Water footprinting is an excellent, science-based method to improve your environmental impact and mitigate risks. In this article: why is it important to do water footprinting, what benefits does it offer and how are water footprints calculated?

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Updated Impact Assessment Methodology ReCiPe2016

A major update of the commonly used life cycle impact model ReCiPe is available. In this piece, Laura Golsteijn and professor Mark Huijbregts, provide an overview of the key elements of the update for the lca community as well as some experiences from the method developers.

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EARTHSHIFT changes name to Long Trail Sustainability (LTS)

HUNTINGTON, VT – EARTHSHIFT announced this week that the company will change its name to Long Trail Sustainability (LTS), effective immediately. LTS name reflects company’s roots and its dedication towards sustainability perseverance The new name, Long Trail Sustainability (LTS), encompasses many aspects of the sustainability consultancy. LTS, derived from the famous Long Trail hiking route …

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What’s new in SimaPro 8.3

SimaPro version 8.3 has just been released. It includes three main new elements: Agribalyse, EPS 2015, and a consensus impact assessment method for water foot printing: AWARE. Additionally, several small updates were made to impact assessment methods. Read on for a summary of the most import updates.

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Creating Reports from SimaPro to Excel and Word

Watch this video to learn how to use SimaPro Report Maker to extract reports from your SimaPro models. A Demo version (30 days) of Report Maker is available for registered SimaPro users (indefinite PhD, Analyst or Developer license).

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What’s new in SimaPro 8.2?

SimaPro version 8.2 has just been released. It includes the new ecoinvent database v3.2 along with a number of datasets from Plastics Europe that have been added to the Industry Data 2.0 library. Additionally, several small updates were made to impact assessment methods. This is a summary of the most import updates.

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How To Import Scenarios from Excel

This video shows how to import scenarios from an Excel spreadsheet. This makes it much easier and faster to add and edit as many scenarios as you want. This feature is only available in SimaPro Direct and Developer.

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Agri-footprint: a keystone database for sustainable food worldwide

With the release of Agri-footprint 2.0, it’s a good time to look back at some of the influential projects Agri-footprint has been used for so far. From product design tools to labelling schemes, from national analysis to scientific publications.

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What’s new in SimaPro 8.1?

The release of SimaPro 8.1 offers improved modelling capabilities and updates to the Agri-footprint, ELCD, US LCI and Industry Data 2.0 databases. You can now also export data to ILCD format, to make PEF data exchange easier. Read on for details.

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Modelling End-of-Life In The PEF Approach

Today in the PEF series: end-of-life modelling decisions have large impacts on industry and policy, as they reward either design-for-recycling or actually reusing materials. A new method from the PEF pilots may end this long-standing debate.

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