SimaPro user sessions at LCM 2019

The 9th edition of the international Life Cycle Management conference will be held on September 1-4, 2019 in Poland. Join one of PRé sessions organized for SimaPro users.

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Using the Environmental Footprint database in SimaPro

With the new Environmental Footprint database set in SimaPro, you can get started with assessing the environmental footprint of your organisation and products free of charge – 3200 datasets, 2 OEFSRs and 19 PEFCRs.

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Calculate the costs of pollution in SimaPro with Environmental Prices

Discussing the results of LCA with business people is not always easy. With the new Environmental Prices method in SimaPro 9.0, you can express impacts in a metric that is intuitive and clear: money.

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Webinar recording | SimaPro and PEF-related developments

In this session, Marisa Vieira, Principal Consultant at PRé, walks us through the latest developments of the European Commission’s Environmental Footprint initiative and how it relates to new offerings for our SimaPro users.

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Understanding electricity in SimaPro

Ever wonder what electricity mixes exist in SimaPro? Or what electricity type you should choose in SimaPro? Our USA partner, LTS, demystifies electricity in SimaPro in this post.

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Webinar recording | SimaPro 9.0 with ecoinvent 3.5

For the release of SimaPro 9.0, we teamed up with ecoinvent for an informative session regarding the changes in ecoinvent 3.5 and how it has been implemented in SimaPro 9.0.

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What’s new in SimaPro 9.0?

The latest version, SimaPro 9.0, comes with an updated database system for increased speed and stability. Additionally, the release includes four new methods and a number of updates. Read more in an overview by Michiel Oele, SimaPro Product Specialist.

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Recap of the LCA XVIII SimaPro user group meeting in Fort Collins, Colorado

On September 24th, the evening before the LCA XVIII Conference, North American SimaPro users gathered at the Fort Collins Marriot, in Fort Collins, CO. Shelly Severinghaus, USA partner of the SimaPro Worldwide Network, talks about the outcomes in this article.

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SimaPro user meeting 2018 | LCA XVIII conference

The annual SimaPro User Group Meeting will be hosted by LTS and PRé in Colorado, the USA. Join the session on September 24 to network and learn about the latest SimaPro developments!

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Webinar recording | worldsteel data in SimaPro 8.5

With the launch of SimaPro 8.5, more than 40 datasets from the World Steel Association have been added to SimaPro’s Industry data 2.0 library. In this session, World Steel Association and PRé teamed up to walk you through the highlights – from data sources and coverage to how it has been implemented in SimaPro.

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