3D printing guarantees efficiency. Myth or not?

A 3D-printed object is created with no waste material at all, in contrast to other industrial manufacturing processes. Does that mean 3D printing really is a perfect solution for efficiency? Read this month’s Sustainability Mythbusters.

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Five ways to circular economy: Product as a service

In a circular economy, the intention is to produce no waste or pollution. Instead, products, parts and materials are used, cared for, repaired, reused and recycled as much as possible. This requires new and innovative approaches to business, and assessment methods such as LCA to measure the effect. In our circular economy miniseries, we’ll address …

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Five ways to circular economy: Product life extension

The circular economy aims to produce no waste – by reusing, repairing and recycling materials in the highest possible quality In this miniseries, we discuss business models that help reach that goal. Today: product life extension.

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Reaching Your Ecodesign Goals Through Collaboration

Influencing product design is difficult as an LCA expert. By the time you get measurable data, it’s probably too complicated and expensive to change the design. So how can you contribute to more sustainable products? The answer: collaboration.

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