SimaPro 9.2: Discover what’s new

We’re proud to announce that SimaPro 9.2 is now available! This release offers updated contents in multiple data libraries, ensuring the quality, consistency and reliability of the data and impact assessment methods. The new version includes the latest ecoinvent 3.7.1 database and a new impact assessment method: IMPACT World+.

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What’s new in SimaPro 9.1?

The latest version, SimaPro 9.1, comes with ecoinvent 3.6 and two new impact assessment methods – EN 15804 and EF 3.0. Additionally, the release includes a number of updates and small improvements. Read more in an overview by Michiel Oele, SimaPro Product Specialist.

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Understanding electricity in SimaPro

Ever wonder what electricity mixes exist in SimaPro? Or what electricity type you should choose in SimaPro? Our USA partner, LTS, demystifies electricity in SimaPro in this post.

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What is an input-output database for LCA?

IO databases help LCA practitioners do substantiated sustainability assessments, even if you do not have all the facts. Their statistical data helps you fill gaps, ensuring that the entire economy is covered. Find out about this useful tool.

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Updated Impact Assessment Methodology ReCiPe2016

A major update of the commonly used life cycle impact model ReCiPe is available. In this piece, Laura Golsteijn and professor Mark Huijbregts, provide an overview of the key elements of the update for the lca community as well as some experiences from the method developers.

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