Feel Good: playlist from the SimaPro Global Partner Network

Together with the SimaPro Global Partner Network, we carefully selected good music for a playlist to make you feel good. Sit back, hit play and enjoy. Happy holidays!

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Webinar recording | worldsteel data in SimaPro 8.5

With the launch of SimaPro 8.5, more than 40 datasets from the World Steel Association have been added to SimaPro’s Industry data 2.0 library. In this session, World Steel Association and PRé teamed up to walk you through the highlights – from data sources and coverage to how it has been implemented in SimaPro.

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Webinar recording | SimaPro 8.5 and ecoinvent 3.4

Ecoinvent and SimaPro team joined forces to provide the webinar “SimaPro 8.5 with ecoinvent 3.4”. Watch it to find out what are the main changes in ecoinvent 3.4, how it was implemented in SimaPro 8.5, why some ecoinvent processes are deemed obsolete, and how to deal with them in SimaPro.

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What’s new in SimaPro 8.5?

SimaPro 8.5 has been released. In this new version, we focused on the databases ensuring quality, consistency and accuracy of the data. Ruba Fanous collaborated as part of the release team; in this blog she will walk you trough the main highlights.

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Outcomes of the LCA XVII SimaPro User Group Meeting in Portsmouth

On October 2nd, the evening before the LCA XVII Conference, North American SimaPro users gathered in the second annual User Group Meeting. Shelly Severinghaus, USA Partner of the SimaPro Worldwide Network, talks about the outcomes in this blog.

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Webinar recording | SimaPro 8.4 and Agri-footprint 3.0

The SimaPro and Agri-footprint team joint forces in a webinar to explain the latest updates in the leading LCA software and agricultural LCA database. Please find here the recording of the webinar. Subscribe to our mailing list to keep updated of coming webinars and updates!

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Why circular economy business models need LCA (part 2): Seven steps to conduct a circular economy and LCA study

Circular economy business models are inspiring, but how do you know whether your circular design is actually good for the planet? Read here the seven steps you need to take to combine a CE and LCA study in SimaPro, and make better decisions.

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Why circular economy business models need LCA (part 1)

Circular economy business models are inspirational, but ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’ may cause unexpected impacts. So, how do you know whether your circular approach or design is actually good for the planet? Be inspired, and use LCA for clarity.

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What is an input-output database for LCA?

IO databases help LCA practitioners do substantiated sustainability assessments, even if you do not have all the facts. Their statistical data helps you fill gaps, ensuring that the entire economy is covered. Find out about this useful tool.

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An introduction to water footprinting: part 2

Water footprinting is an excellent, science-based method to improve your environmental impact and mitigate risks. In this article: the 10 available methods laid out side by side, including an explanation of their differences.

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