Improve operational performance

For many companies, the most logical place to start with sustainability is by getting your own house in order: improving the sustainability performance of your production lines and operation. Once sustainability KPIs and performance tracking are established there, expanding them to sourcing and purchasing is an obvious next step. The supply chain can be a large source of environmental impacts. What the production and purchasing departments have in common is that they are already under a lot of pressure to meet business targets and perform well on KPIs. If these departments are to embrace sustainability, you need to provide them with concrete, actionable sustainability information.

Making more sustainable decisions

As LCA practitioner, you have intimate insight into your company’s facilities and supply chains. These departments are striving to be as efficient as possible on the criteria that your company values, and they rely on you to provide regular, reliable feedback on their sustainability indicators. With SimaPro, you can provide them with standards-compliant models. With SimaPro Collect and SimaPro Share, you can put the power to choose back in their hands: by changing the parameters in the scenarios you share, they get immediate feedback on environmental impact of various decisions.

Every delay directly diminishes business output. With SimaPro Share, production and purchasing managers can easily see, change and assess the various links in their production facilities and supply chains. They no longer need to ask for your opinion of these changes, which makes it easier for them to incorporate sustainability in their daily decision-making. SimaPro Share shows results in simple, understandable metrics, helping production and purchasing keep a clear line of communication with design, manufacturing, and engineering.

Reliable reporting for sustainable performance

The main need of fast-moving, efficiency-minded departments is clear, reliable reporting. SimaPro can provide them with the numbers they need and make sure they are right the first time. The various reporting options allow you to share an assessment of large numbers of materials and suppliers. You can easily create outputs to show the progress on sustainability KPIs to the production and purchasing teams and you can create various analysis summaries to share only the relevant data.

A shared platform helps ensure consistency of measurements across the departments. Tracking over time is available for the indicators of your choice, and also for progress towards goals. All results can be displayed in different graph formats. With SimaPro, you can turn your LCA results into concrete, actionable value for your organization.

“This project helps us to gain more insight into the hotspots and the environmental performance of our hardware equipment. That way, we can improve existing products and design better next-generation hardware equipment right from the start.“

Head of Sustainable Business Programs at financial software and media company

Developing a product sustainability platform for Argos

For an international cement company, PRé built a SimaPro database as the foundation for a flexible, consistent product sustainability platform. This allows the company to rapidly expand its sustainability efforts around the world.

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Modeling the impacts of cleaning products for A.I.S.E.

For the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (A.I.S.E), PRé used SimaPro to develop a method to determine the hotspots in a product's life cycle. This helps determine key performance indicators.

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Other benefits for your organisation

Making the business case for sustainability

Sustainability programs only result in real business value if they are embedded into all layers of your company. SimaPro’s reporting features help you communicate LCA results and create a strong support base.

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Life cycle assessment studies with SimaPro

The main thing you need in LCA software is excellent performance in doing LCAs. SimaPro offers exactly the features you need for efficient and accurate LCA studies and easy and effortless collaboration.

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Sustainability communication and brand reputation

Sustainability results can help strengthen your brand value, but it’s important that you can trust the results. The robust SimaPro software provides you with reliable results that you can safely use.

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Eco design and product development

The best time to improve a product’s environmental impact is in the design phase. Designers need fact-based insights to make design decisions that improve sustainability. SimaPro can help.

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