Sustainability communication and brand reputation

SimaPro helps your company communicate sustainability results to strengthen your brand value. Its powerful, standards-compliant reporting functionalities provide your marketing department with the facts they need to make credible and substantiated claims and reports.

Tapping into customer preferences

Nowadays, customers expect information about the environmental and social sustainability of the products or services they purchase. In return, most of them are willing to pay more for sustainable products. SimaPro can help your company tap into that willingness by helping you provide your marketing team with results from sustainability studies that are factual, reliable, standards-compliant and easy to understand, such as EPDs.

Getting and communicating sustainability results

SimaPro is the most widely used LCA software in the world, used by thousands of clients, because it supports a variety of proven methodologies to help you analyse and communicate the sustainability benefits of your products.

This includes LCAs, carbon and water footprints, product design analyses and environmental product declarations. Analyses done with SimaPro give you factual arguments to use in clear, aligned communication at the product and corporate level. And by making studies ISO 14067 and 14040 compliant, LCA results are green-lit for use in marketing communication to consumers.

SimaPro makes it easy to substantiate your company’s environmental product statements. It facilitates clear communication about your impacts and makes it easier to answer questions from customers and stakeholder groups. Because SimaPro is very transparent in its data use and methodologies, it will help you be transparent in turn.

"At Steelcase, we have been using SimaPro since we started to perform LCAs, about ten years ago. We use SimaPro both to support our eco-design strategy and to create our Environmental Products Declarations (EPDs). Especially both its robustness, its flexibility and the support provided by the developer, PRé Sustainability, are the reasons why SimaPro is the best option for us. We have never been disappointed."

Sébastien Zinck - Manager, Eco-design and Life-Cycle Assessment at Steelcase

Other benefits for your organisation

Improve operational performance

Your suppliers can have a huge effect on your products’ environmental impacts. Keeping these concerns in mind during sourcing and purchasing can drastically reduce a product’s impact and improve operational performance. SimaPro’s transparent analysis helps your operations and purchasing departments…

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Life Cycle Assessments

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Making the business case for sustainability

Sustainability programmes only result in real business value if they are thoroughly embedded into all layers of your company. Creating the strong support base needed to achieve that can be difficult for LCA practitioners. SimaPro’s powerful reporting features help you…

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Eco design and product development

The best time to improve a product’s environmental impact is in the design phase. To make design decisions that improve sustainability, designers need clear, factual information about the relative merits of the available options. SimaPro helps you communicate this information…

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