Eco design and product development

The best time to improve a product’s environmental impact is in the design phase. To make design decisions that improve sustainability, designers need clear, factual information about the relative merits of the available options. SimaPro helps you communicate this information to designers, allowing them to easily identify and assess the drawbacks and benefits of different designs.

Making it easier to design sustainable products

A challenge in sustainable product design is keeping the process manageable. Product design consists of choosing between an enormous array of options. Sustainability data often comes in formats that are not clear or actionable. If you provide designers with the raw LCA results, they might not even be able to find the relevant information, let alone act on it.

SimaPro was designed to provide product designers with actionable insights into the main triggers of environmental impacts, so they can change their designs to be more environmentally friendly. With special add-ons, such as SimaPro Share & Collect, you can even give product designers the tools they need to quickly see, compare and assess design variations without needing your input.

Proving which design is better

SimaPro allows designers to easily identify the environmental hotspots in different product designs. From a SimaPro LCA, they will quickly find that most environmental impacts are associated with simple design factors, such as mass, energy use and transport volume. This knowledge provides easy entry points to make design improvements and allows you to develop product-specific guidelines.

Using SimaPro in the product design phase saves your company time and money, by allowing you to deal with sustainability issues when it is still easy to do so.



"At Steelcase, we have been using SimaPro since we started to perform LCAs, about ten years ago. We use SimaPro both to support our eco-design strategy and to create our Environmental Products Declarations (EPDs). Especially both its robustness, its flexibility and the support provided by the developer, PRé Sustainability, are the reasons why SimaPro is the best option for us. We have never been disappointed."

Sébastien Zinck - Manager, Eco-design and Life-Cycle Assessment at Steelcase

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