Creating Reports from SimaPro to Excel and Word

Watch this video to learn how to use SimaPro Report Maker to extract reports from your SimaPro models. A Demo version (30 days) of Report Maker is available for registered SimaPro users (indefinite PhD, Analyst or Developer license).

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Developments in LCA in the Food Industry

Food LCAs could offer excellent improvement opportunities. However, agricultural data is very complex. Harmonisation and transparency in methods and data are the answer. Many excellent initiatives are working towards this right now. Read on to find out more.

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Measuring The Environmental Footprint Of Organisations In The PEF Initiative

The Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) approach is game-changing in product assessment. This week, we discuss how the same principles can be used to evaluate the environmental footprint of organisations.

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The Importance Of LCA Data Standards And Alignment

LCA standards will continue to proliferate as long as there is no consensus on nomenclature and data quality criteria. This recurring problem is currently receiving attention again. Read on to learn about the initiatives working to solve it.

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Carbon Modelling In The PEF Initiative

PEF SERIES via PRé Sustainability | The Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) approach is game-changing when it comes to comparing products. This time, we talk about the state of the art of carbon modelling in the PEF approach.

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Life Cycle Assessment, When is it Good Enough?

LCAs need to have a certain level of precision before their results can tell you anything useful. But how do you know whether you’ve reached that level? What is the best balance of effort and detail, considering your goals and the data’s uncertainty?

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Electric Cars Guarantee Green Mobility: Myth Or Not?

Electric vehicles are lauded as the best passenger vehicles available today. But do they really have lower impacts than hybrid vehicles or the much-maligned internal combustion vehicles? This month’s Sustainability Mythbusters.

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Impact Assessment In The PEF Initiative

PEF SERIES | The Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) approach is game-changing when it comes to comparing products. This time, we talk about how the PEF initiative chose its impact assessment methods.

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Growing Biofuels Causes Food Shortages: Myth Or Not?

As a science-based method, LCA is an excellent tool to bust the myths that surround sustainability. In this monthly series, we look at some common sustainability ideas to see if they are myth or true. In today’s episode we discuss the concerns about the recent rapid increase in global biomass production. By Laura Golsteijn , Consultant …

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5 ways to Circular Economy – Part V: Circular supplies

The circular economy aims to produce no waste – by reusing, repairing and recycling materials in the highest possible quality, all measurable with LCA. Recycled, renewable and biodegradable supplies are one way to do that.

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