Why SimaPro

SimaPro helps you effectively apply your sustainability expertise to empower informed decision-making, change product life cycles for the better, and increase your company’s positive impact. Created in 1990, today SimaPro is among the leading LCA software – trusted by companies, consultancies, and universities in more than 80 countries.

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Turning data into action

We believe fact-based sustainability insights are key to turn promises into action. SimaPro provides these insights through life cycle assessment (LCA) and helps make sustainability efforts measurable. Rely on sustainability data to measure, analyze and compare the environmental performance of products and services and let the data drive your decision making.

Software that’s got your back

SimaPro is a source of science-based information and provides full transparency. The software can be used for various applications: sustainability reporting, carbon, environmental, social and water footprinting, biodiversity assessments, sustainable product design, and more.

SimaPro features

This video explains how to easily show the hotspots in your LCA model in SimaPro

SimaPro has a powerful network view and Sankey that let you dig deep into your model, visualize your results, find hotspots and investigate them further.

This video explains how to deep dive into your LCA results in SimaPro

With SimaPro you can deep dive into the results of your LCA study, investigate the impact per substance, per process, and more.

This video shows the use of parameters for scenario analysis in SimaPro

Parameters are variables in your LCA model that give you the flexibility to easily change values or assumptions and do extensive scenario analysis.

Data in SimaPro

SimaPro comes with a wealth of life cycle inventory data. All SimaPro plans include access to Agri-footprint, ecoinvent v3 database, EU and Danish Input Output database, Industry data 2.0 and USLCI. SimaPro users can download free additional databases including Agribalyse, WEEE, EXIOBASE, and more.

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Meet the developer

SimaPro is developed by PRé Sustainability and distributed through our Global Partner Network. At PRé, we are dedicated to making a positive change in the world by creating long-term solutions that help our customers create value and drive sustainable change.

Frequently asked questions

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Is technical support available?

Of course, our SimaPro Support team is here to help you! Everyone with a valid SimaPro license (active subscription or perpetual license with a valid service contract) can benefit from our technical helpdesk. You can find a variety of articles and tutorials and contact our support team via the SimaPro Help Center.

Please note that we work with a Global Partner Network consisting of 25 SimaPro partners around the world. If you have purchased SimaPro through a local partner, they will act as your sales and support representative. Please direct your support questions to your local partner.

In which languages is the SimaPro desktop software available?

SimaPro desktop software is available in 13 languages. This includes Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Swedish. You can change the software language by going to Tools > Language and selecting the language you want. We recommend restarting SimaPro afterwards.

Do you offer support in setting up my SimaPro project and building my LCA model?

If you need help with building your LCA model, and analyzing and interpreting your results, our support packages can help! A support package is a one-on-one consultation during which an experienced LCA consultant will guide you through setting up your model, calculating and interpreting your LCA results, and will answer any questions you may have. We offer 10-hour and 20-hour expert support packages.

Do you offer training courses on how to use SimaPro?

PRé Sustainability, the developer of SimaPro, offers regular trainings on life cycle assessment and SimaPro. Three training courses are available: Effective LCA with SimaPro Desktop, Accessible LCA with the SimaPro Platform, and Product Environmental Footprint with SimaPro. Please check our training calendar for upcoming trainings.

Organizations from the SimaPro Global Partner Network also offer training courses on life cycle assessment with SimaPro. Trainings are available in various languages, formats (online, onsite, hybrid, in-house) and locations. Check the trainings overview for more information.