SimaPro 9.2: Discover what’s new

We’re proud to announce that SimaPro 9.2 is now available! This release offers updated contents in multiple data libraries, ensuring the quality, consistency and reliability of the data and impact assessment methods. The new version includes the latest ecoinvent 3.7.1 database and a new impact assessment method: IMPACT World+.

Below you can see the highlights of this release. For a full overview of changes, please refer to the What’s new manual.

Software improvements

Several software improvements and bug fixes were implemented in this release:

  • Improved export to the SimaPro online platform. Database parameters are now excluded from the CSV file.
  • New mapping files for export to ILCD. We have developed new mapping files for users to facilitate the data export from SimaPro (desktop) to ILCD format.
  • Silent installation is now possible for all SimaPro installers.
  • A cloud storage warning message has been added in the installers and when selecting a database.

Update of data libraries

Ecoinvent 3.7.1

SimaPro 9.2 includes the most recent version of the ecoinvent database. ecoinvent 3.7.1 includes more than 900 new and 1,000 updated datasets, including more than 100 new products. This update expands the coverage of the database in various sectors such as: metals, fertilizers, forestry and wood, packaging materials.

World Steel data in Industry data 2.0 library

The implementation in SimaPro includes 45 datasets updated for 1 kg of steel products at factory gate (cradle-to-grave) modelled for 3 regions: Global, Asia, and Europe. These 45 updated datasets were added to the Industry data 2.0 library.

Library alignment with SimaPro online platform

Agri-footprint 5, ecoinvent 3.7.1, Industry data 2.0, and USLCI will be available on the SimaPro online platform. Processes in those libraries (in SimaPro desktop) now also contain SimaPro platform IDs which facilitate the exchange of data between SimaPro desktop and online platform.

New impact assessment method: IMPACT World+

IMPACT World+ is a comprehensive and globally regionalized method for life cycle impact assessment (LCIA). The method is considered the update of the IMPACT 2002+, LUCAS, and EDIP methods. It is  based on a midpoint-damage framework with four distinct complementary viewpoints to present an LCIA profile.

Update of all methods including water substances

All impact assessment methods containing water flows were updated to include new regionalized water substances. For these, the list of characterization factors was extended to include new geographies included in the Ecoinvent 3.7.1, primarily for sub-national regions of Brazil, India, and the US. For more details on each method, please refer to the Methods Manual.

Obsolete data and superseded methods

The ELCD (the European reference Life Cycle Database) and the Swiss input-output database will no longer be supported in SimaPro because they are outdated and no updates are expected. Additionally, a number of methods were moved to the Superseded folder and their maintenance in SimaPro will no longer be supported.

New: Report Maker 3

The new version of Report Maker is now available. It includes minor functionality improvements and improved compatibility with more recent Microsoft Office versions.

Updating to Report Maker 3 from Report Maker 2 is optional and will be most relevant if you have experienced installation issues with Office 365. Please refer to the Installation Manual and User Manual for further information.

How to update to SimaPro 9.2?

Everyone with a valid service contract from March 1st 2021 onward can update to SimaPro 9.2. As usual, you will need to update the software, then import the update database and append substances. You will find step-by-step update instruction and information on what to expect after the update on the SimaPro Help Center.

Release webinars

We partnered up with ecoinvent and our Spanish partner Anthesis Lavola for two free webinars introducing what is new in SimaPro 9.2 and ecoinvent 3.7.1. Watch the webinar recordings and get familiar with the contents of this new release!

Watch the webinar in English >

Watch the webinar in Spanish >

Outlook to the future: SimaPro 10

We are already working hard on the next extensive update of SimaPro. SimaPro 10 will offer improved performance in terms of speed, new and updated data libraries including ecoinvent 3.8. Last but not least, we will update the programming language of SimaPro which brings more flexibility to develop new features!

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