Webinar recording | SimaPro 9.0 with ecoinvent 3.5

For the release of SimaPro 9.0, we teamed up with ecoinvent for an informative session regarding the changes in ecoinvent 3.5 and how it has been implemented in SimaPro 9.0. Other than the main changes in this data library, we also went through the highlights of SimaPro 9.0 in terms of changes to the impact assessment methods and software.

Main speakers:
– Emilia Moreno Ruiz, ecoinvent’s Deputy Director;
– Paula Bernstein, who leads the SimaPro database team;
– Michiel Oele, SimaPro Product Specialist.

About ecoinvent:
In the past decade, ecoinvent has established itself as a global leader in creating life cycle inventory databases. Their databases help companies manufacture products more in harmony with the environment, policy makers implement new policies, and consumers adopt more environmentally friendly behaviour.

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