Webinar recording | SimaPro 8.5 and ecoinvent 3.4

On March 13th, Paula Bernstein from the SimaPro team and Emilia Moreno Ruiz from ecoinvent joined forces to provide the webinar “SimaPro 8.5 with ecoinvent 3.4”. Emilia went through what is new and updated in the latest version of ecoinvent.  In addition, she showed how you can find certain information via the website’s ecoquery. Paula walked us though the main changes in SimaPro 8.5, mainly how ecoinvent 3.4 has been implemented. Paula and Emilia also delve into why some ecoinvent processes are deemed obsolete from older releases, and how to deal with them in SimaPro. The webinar concluded with a Q&A session with the audience.

You can check a recording of this informative session below. We hope you enjoy it!


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