Feel Good: playlist from the SimaPro Global Partner Network

Are you feeling excited about your new plans for 2019? Or perhaps overwhelmed with all the things still to finish in 2018? Together with the SimaPro Global Partner Network, we wanted to give you some peace of mind these holidays. So we created a feel-good playlist. It has music from all over the world, with different genres for different tastes.

Here is our careful selection for the SimaPro community. Sit back, hit play and enjoy. We hope this music will make you feel good!

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Thelonious Monk Quartet – ‘Round Midnight

In my mind it shows how beautiful the world can be if we do not all march in the same rhythm, and dare to improvise at unexpected moments; this leads to innovation and unexpected perspectives, and this has been an important element in how I try to follow, but also deviate from the rhythm the rest follows. It’s like “follow your feeling when you feel you want to deviate from the rest”.

Mark Goedkoop, Founder of PRé

PRé Sustainability (SimaPro developer, the Netherlands)


LALEH – Goliat

I think directly about Laleh from Gothenburg who has been such an essential role model for many young people. This song, Goliat, was performed by pupils at many schools as a joint effort for environment and peace. My daughter was one of them. It gives me hope!

Marcus Wendin

Miljögiraff (SimaPro partner in Sweden and Finland)


AnnenMayKantereit – Oft Gefragt

The singer describes his relation to his parent. He sings: “I have no home, I have only you. You are at home forever and me.” Ultimately, sustainability is about us (the people), our home and what we build from it.

ESU-services (SimaPro partner in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein)


Lo stelliere – testo

Lo stelliere (the starlighter) is a children’s song written by one of the best Italian songwriters. It’s like a poem about a man lighting each night every single star in the sky, because every star is a dream, and even though it may seem very far away, we just have to deeply believe in it. The illustration created by us represents the path to each one’s personal star, made of ups and downs, failures and happy moments. May you reach your own star in 2019!

2B (SimaPro partner in Italy)


Giorgio Gaber – La Liberta

Libertà (Freedom) is an evergreen song from 1972, modern even today, expressing the core meaning of democracy, sharing, and being part of a whole: “freedom isn’t an open space, freedom is participation”.

2B (SimaPro partner in Italy)


Les Choristes – La Nuit

An extract of a 2004 movie called “Les Choristes” (was quite famous in France at the time, with the famous actor Gerard Jugnot) – it’s a song which is calm and quiet and is about night which is fine for Christmas! If you want a touch of “Frenchness” and if you like choral music, do not hesitate to watch this movie: the story takes place in a 1950’s boarding school.

Evea (SimaPro partner in France)


Antonia Font – Alegria

It is a joyful song from a music band called Antonia Font, born in Palma de Mallorca (Spain). The band is not active anymore but their songs keep celebrating good moments and memories.

Lavola (SimaPro partner in Spain)


Altın Gün – Tatlı Dile Güler Yüze

This band can be classified as Dutch, however, the song and two members of the band are Turkish. It is a cover of a famous Turkish artist Neşet Ertaş’s Tatlı Dile Güler Yüze. It is simply fantastic. It features saz, which is a traditional Turkish instrument but with a modern twist. The song is about love. In our eyes, the dual nationality of the band represents the cooperation between Metsims Sustainability Consulting and PRé Sustainability.

Metsims (SimaPro partner in Turkey)


Adamlar – Koca Yaşlı Şişko Dünya

It’s a modern Turkish rock with uplifting or somewhat happy music. The lyrics are about the world we live in a pessimistic way but the music is uplifting. The video features streets of Istanbul so it might be interesting for non-Turkish people.

Metsims (SimaPro partner in Turkey)


Mexicanto – Coincidir

It’s a Mexican song saying: “What are the odds? So many places, time and chances, and we have meet; beautiful coincidence!” Humankind is possible also due to a series of coincidences in nature: temperature, right amount and proportion of gases and relationship with other species. Perfect coincidence, perfect match. It’s up to us to nurture the relationship.

Cadis (SimaPro partner in Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Venezuela)


Diego Torres – Color Esperanza

This is a Latin American song, we all feel it as our own; although it comes from Argentina. It is a song that evokes happiness and hope; the possibility of a brighter future if we put away our fears and dare to take the risk.

Cadis (SimaPro partner in Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Venezuela)


Sonora Palacios  – Un año más

‘Un año más’ is a typical song for New Year eve and is very popular in Chile. It is a classic listened by all generations. It basically talks about the year that is about to go away and all those years that have already gone.

Regenerativa (SimaPro partner in Chile)


Jeremy Olivier ft. Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Africa’s Time

The song entitled “Africa’s time” is by local artist Jeremy Olivier and features Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The incorporation of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (God Bless Africa) (a hymn sung all over the African continent and also the first part of SA’s national anthem) at the end of the song is quite special. The video showcases South Africa’s diversity and natural beauty.

The Green House (SimaPro partner in South Africa)


Rentaro Taki – HANA

The song describes the scenery with spring cherry blossoms around Sumida river about a 100 years ago. Historically, Japanese culture and religion is strongly linked to nature and cherishes the four seasons that come and go. Enjoying the cherry blossoms is one of the outstanding events of spring.

TCO2 (SimaPro partner in Japan)


Heng-Chun Folk Song |恆春民謠

This is a folk song from Heng-Chun Township in Pingtung where is the Southernmost tip of Taiwan. It reflects the lifestyle of traditional farmers and fishers in Taiwan.

Ixon (SimaPro partner in Taiwan R.O.C.)


Zhou Xuan – Spring Morning | 周璇 – 春之晨

The beautiful song “Morning in the spring” sung by ZhouXuan was first released in 1948. It provides the listeners with the trip down memory lane and reminds us of old times when our parents playing this on a radio during the Chinese lunar new year. The most impressive line in the song is “Spring is the start for a year as dawn is for a day”. A brand new year is coming, we should start early, plan in time, and do not leave things till it is too late, so do taking measures to live sustainably.

Ecovane (SimaPro partner in China and Hong Kong)


Dan Parsons  – Traveling Salesman

A great singer-songwriter from Australia.

Life Cycle Strategies (SimaPro partner in Australia and New Zealand)


Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos – 7 Creeks (The Crossdresser Steve Hart)

Charles Jenkins is a legend in Melbourne. The song is a comic take on the true story of a famous bushranger (outlaw) in the 1880s.

Life Cycle Strategies (SimaPro partner in Australia and New Zealand)


Extra bonus from PRé Sustainability (1 hour long):

Simeon ten Holt – Canto Ostinato for Two Pianos & Two Marimbas

It’s a beautiful one-hour long composition by a Dutch contemporary classical composer Simeon ten Holt. The music is timeless and organic in nature, perfect for a relaxing moment in the midst of winter holidays.

PRé Sustainability (SimaPro developer, the Netherlands)


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