What’s new in SimaPro 8.1?

The release of SimaPro 8.1 offers improved modelling capabilities and updates to the Agri-footprint, ELCD, US LCI and Industry Data 2.0 databases. You can now also export data to ILCD format, to make PEF data exchange easier.

By Ruba Dolfing Fanous, Senior Customer Service SimaPro at PRé Sustainability

It offers improved modelling capabilities when working with EU Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) standards, through a new function allowing export to ILCD format and the inclusion of ELCD 3.1. A major update of the Agri-footprint libraries is also included for all users. In addition, North American regional data needs are better addressed with updates of the US LCI library datasets and the TRACI 2.1 method. For a complete overview, please download the manual.

Agri-footprint® v2.0

This new version of the Agri-footprint® database contains more than 800 new agricultural products and activities and more than 800 updated ones, with extended international coverage. In addition, a number of new categories were added, to better organise the agricultural products. The data is designed with PEF readiness in mind and has been subject to critical external review by RIVM.

ELCD 3.1

The ELCD library, relevant for PEF, has undergone significant updates in version 3.1. The new version includes 170 new processes and products: mainly electricity and steam, but also fossil fuels, copper, etc. The new ELCD release focuses on data quality, consistency, and applicability.


The US LCI library in SimaPro has been updated to the latest version. If you wish to update your projects and link to the right processes, you need to check for any links that need replacing. PRé has created a special replacement file to allow you to change the links in your project to the correct processes automatically. More details are provided in the update instructions.


The amounts of some of the Industry Data 2.0 library water flows have been corrected. In addition, updates have been made to the impact assessment methods TRACI 2.1, ILCD Midpoint 2011, EPD (2013) and CML-IA baseline.

New feature: export to ILCD

To make PEF-related data exchange easier, we have developed an ILCD export function. This feature is  available in SimaPro Analyst, Developer and PhD, and allows users to export core inventory data to ILCD format. We have created an extensive mapping file to ensure that conversion of substance names, sub-compartments, units and other items meets the ILCD guidelines. Detailed instructions on how to use this feature are available in the SimaPro Help files. This feature will be further developed based on user feedback and European developments. More information is available in the What’s New manual.

Finally, SimaPro has an updated look with the implementation of our new SimaPro icon.

We trust that the SimaPro 8.1 release offers you the improved functionality and the enhanced data library content you were looking for. If you haven’t received your personal update email yet, please download your update here.

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